Sunday, April 23, 2006


I did three really stupid things over the last three days.

Stupid thing number one, I set the alarm clock to go off at 6:15 on Friday morning for my 8 mile run, but forgot to actually turn it on. I even awoke at 6:25 but didn’t click, and by the time I realised what had happened it was too late to go out and run. Since Saturday is normally a rest day for me I decided to swap those two days around. It’s a slight violation of the hard-easy principle because I also planned 11 miles for Sunday, but 8 and 11 miles aren’t that hard.

Stupid thing number two was the pace for Saturday’s run. If it was the joy of having our car back (and functioning) or if it was exuberance more befitting a man half my age, I don’t know. What I do know is that running at sub-8 pace isn’t a normal run for me. It wasn’t quite a tempo run; that would have been more like 7:15 pace for a few miles. Instead I kept my pace very steady for the whole distance, and while the run went very well, I was quite tired afterwards, and felt a twinge in my left hamstring for the rest of the day. To compound my tiredness I also worked for well over three hours in the garden, trying to get rid of some more gorse, which resulted in my arms looking like I'd had a fight with a wild cat.

Stupid thing number three was the fact that I ran 11 miles on Sunday in full sunshine without any access to water. I drank plenty of water before the run, but started to feel thirsty after only three or so miles. I thought about turning around, having a drink at home and going for a second loop, but decided against it. It had taken me 15 minutes or so to say bye to the children, especially Lola who, overdramatically, begged me not to go, and I didn’t fancy a repeat performance. So I plodded on. I actually felt a little bit better on the way back, because a bit of a breeze helped me to stay cool. It’s not often that I welcome a head wind, but that was one of those occasions. I made it home in good time, but I really have to be more careful in future, dehydration isn’t something I should take lightly.

So there you have it, my list of errors laid bare. Will I learn from it? Maybe.

Cian has caused more havoc in the meantime, but this blog entry is already long enough.

22 Apr: 8 miles, 1:02, 7:45 pace
23 Apr: 11 miles, 1:30, 8:10 pace


  1. That's a good bit of running. Funny how kids need us when it's most inconvenient.

  2. #3 would be only one for me to regret, I hate going out without water. You put good runs, so take Monday of to stay with the kids:)

  3. Glad to see you were at least enjoying the weather this weekend. Isn't it great to get out there and run with the sun again? As to running with water, I "got away" with it yesterday myself - Something I'll have to remember as the summer progresses.

    Good speed on your 11 miler too.

  4. Nice runs Thomas! You must have been well hydrated to be able to complete that run so quickly!

    RE your question - I will not count that as a PR - I only count official always thanks for your comments!

  5. Will all this nice weather going on it is getting quite important to carry or layout water for the longer runs. I bet you won't forget next time. Great speed on you longer run.

  6. But you haven't given up and you learned from 3 stupid things along the way. Peace!

  7. Well, sounds like they were nice runs anyway. And maybe you telling us about #3 will help us all remember now that warmer weather is here.

  8. this was great for me today; got me laughing and remembering that we are all human, and isn't it great?! :)

  9. I knew I was not the only person in the blogging world doing stupid things this weekend. Consider yourself testing the limits of rest and hydration. That is some good ultra training.

  10. Hey Thomas, I don't know if you like to carry your water, but if you do, ir recommend the FuelBelt. Before I sound like a commercial, it is the only one that does not slosh up and down with my gate, thus bruising my tailbone. Anyhow, Dehydration is a bad thing, do be careful! As for the kids, when joshua gets like that he gets to ride in the jogging stroller!

    Have a great day!

  11. Well, as I tell my son all the time (he's a bit of a perfectionist), if we don't make mistakes, we never learn anything.
    And a little bit of overexuberance once in a while is a good thing.