Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Still Recovering

I went out for two easy runs yesterday and today, and managed to keep the pace down this time. The difference to Sunday was amazing; most of the tightness is gone, apart from my right calf muscle, which is still acting up. I’m taking it very easy; tonight is Yoga, tomorrow I’ll sleep in (yeah, right), and I’ll do two more recovery runs on Friday and Sunday.

The weather is beautiful, sunshine and no wind, but it is still deceptively cold in the morning. This caught me out yesterday, I thought it would be much warmer and went out without gloves, but the temperatures were about 0C/32F, and my fingers nearly froze off. I learned my lession today, and felt much more snug in my trusty old gloves.

The one thing worrying me at them moment is a cold that’s doing the rounds. Lola and Niamh are both sick, with Niamh looking especially bad. I had to drive the boys to school/crèche in the morning because Niamh is bed-bound, resulting in me being half an hour late for work. Don’t worry, they are very understanding here. I just hope I’ll manage to avoid that particular bug.

4 Apr: 4 miles, 39:19, 9:49 pace
5 Apr: 5 miles, 48:18, 9:39 pace


  1. Glad the weather is getting better - take care - try to not get sick!

  2. It's alway nice to have a good recovery..especially in nice weather, well except that one run, 32 degrees.

  3. Hm, let's've got sick people in the house, and you're not getting enough sleep.

    Maybe you'll avoid this bug...Here's hoping!

  4. That sounds like a fantastic recovery, hope you don't chat the bug again...

    When you said sunny and clear I thought about a REALLY nice weather, but then you said "0", that is still freezing!!

  5. Cross your fingers...don't get sick! Eat lemons and onions - natural anti-cold remedies.

  6. Wow, send some of that sunshine this way! We've had rain, rain, and rain.

    You might try wearing some onions and garlic around your neck, this way everyone will stay away from you and you won't catch anything ;-)

  7. Glad your recovery is going well and I hope you can stay healthy. Wash your hands all the time!

  8. Vitamin C, vitamin C, Vitamin C. Of course, then you'll have to go to the bathroom all day. But you won't get a cold:)

  9. Well, can you send some of that sun to the East Coast. My good laady, Dee, has also been in bed with a viral infection, so I think we both need to steer clear of the women! Mind you, if you try thr garlic option, it's a cert!

    You are recovering well and keeping the speed down nicely. Glad to hear the calves have relaxed and you are easing back gently.