Friday, April 07, 2006


So far, I have indeed managed to avoid the bug that’s doing the rounds in the house. Lola recovered very quickly, Niamh didn’t. She’s better now, most of the aches are gone, but she’s still got a very sore throat, and went to see the doctor today.

I had a sore throat Wednesday night (or Wednesnight, as Lola calls it), which looked like an ominous sign, but was absolutely fine the next day. Knock on wood, and it shall pass.

I did a very slow recovery run today. I can’t remember the last time I ran slower than 10:00 pace, but I consciously slowed down every time the heart rate went over 145, to make sure it’s a real recovery run. The right calf is much better now. There might have been a tiny twinge, or maybe I was just imagining it, but I’m calling myself recovered now. I’ll still do another few recovery runs before I’ll speed up again. I’ll see what mileage I can safely do, after Sunday’s run it will be 20 miles for this week, and I’m planning around 30 for next week. It’s only three weeks to the half marathon, but I won’t do any training especially for that. I won’t be at my peak, but hey, it’s only a half.

There is an article on Running Times about the 3-country marathon I ran last October. It’s a nice enough read, but it painfully reminded me of how I had to decline the Free Beer at the finishing line, because I had to drive 40 miles after the marathon. Sigh.

7 Apr: 5 miles, 51:05, 10:13 pace


  1. Good, it's passing you by!
    I find HRM very helpful for recover runs, I just wish I carried it with me:)

  2. Lucky you missed that one! How do you pronounce Niamh? Can you spell it phonetically for me? Thanks!

  3. is free's FREE
    second u decline beer?

    geez, i thought all these trainings are b/c of alcohol ;D...

    I have sore throat on wednesnight too. It ain't sore. Kinda it was canker sores. Every time i swallow, i scream in pain.

  4. Thomas, I would have pronounced it Nee-ahhm. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. You can probably get some speed work in over the next few weeks to help with the half. Someone else who actually knows about training can probably tell you how to properly do that, but you may be able to sharpen up a bit.

  6. Are you sure you're recovered if your HR is still up while running slowly? I'd keep an eye on the effort/hr thing an tread carefully for a few more days. Maybe have a beer on me too ;-)

  7. Nice you are planning already a half.
    First time I read a recovery and slow run, here!

  8. yay for recovery runs!

    yay for missing the bug!

    boo for missing the beer!

  9. Turning down a free beer at the end of a race is one of the more painful episodes in running.

  10. I ran Connemara too!