Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sick as a Parrot

Would you believe it, I’m getting sick yet again. I thought I had just about managed to avoid the bug that grounded Niamh for several days, only to discover that I managed to snap up something else. I felt a bit low on energy yesterday, but decided to play an hour of football in the evening anyway. I felt like crap after a few minutes, but improved as time went on. Then I did a 5-mile run this morning, and experienced the same again. I felt really bad at the beginning, but gradually managed to get into it. The run as such went ok, though the heart rate was too high to call it a recovery run, but I put that down to being sick. I’ve also got a bad cough that kept me awake until 3am in the morning. That’s when I took some cough medicine and slept like a baby until 6, when Shea woke me up. I took some more medicine before going to work, and had a hard time trying not to fall asleep at my desk – the medicine made me drowsy (not getting enough sleep hardly helped).
Will I run again tomorrow? I’ll decide in the morning. I haven’t got a temperature, and I’m sure a short run won’t have any bad effects on me.

We had an office sweepstake for the Grand National (that’s a big horse race), 40 people put 2 Euros each into the kitty and blindly pulled the name of a horse out of a hat, winner takes it all. I never bet on horses, but felt compelled to take part as part of the office fun. And wouldn’t you believe it, my horse only bloody won, and I’m 80 Euros to the good. That should get me a new pair of runners, all right. One problem less.

11 Apr: 5 miles, 47:40, 9:32 pace


  1. Sweet on the winnings!!

    Too bad about being sick, hope you feel better soon!

  2. All right - new shoes! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Way to go on the winnings - We all backed the winner here as well. Only had �10 on it, but hey, that's good enough for me.

    Sorry you're feeling lousy, may be best to rest the legs for a couple of days and let the bug get out of your system, just in time for your new shoes.

    I've added a link to you from my Blog, hope that's OK with you.

  4. Hopefully it's nothing serious. Yes, sleep really helps.

    Have fun shopping for a new pair of running shoes!

  5. Can I just say--I love the way you and Dawn call your shoes "runners"...just love it. Sorry you are under the weather again. Feel better.

  6. You can't win unless you play right. Congratulations on the victory.

  7. Hope you recover soon!!

    You won just in the right time to get new shoes!!

  8. Get well soon, that's a bummer. So which shoes are you going to buy? Talk about luck :-)

  9. It's bad luck your sick....and I hope you feel much better very soon :) but good luck you won enough money to get the new runners you need!!