Thursday, July 04, 2013

Sixmilebridge 10in10 Marathon #1

3:23:09 (give or take a couple of seconds), second place. I ran the first 16 miles together with Graham Whittaker at 8:00 pace but never felt comfortable. Catching up after a bathroom break made me realise that 7:30 pace felt more comfortable than 8:00 pace, so I pushed on a bit for the last 10 miles, but nothing crazy (I hope).

The Achilles mostly behaved itself, though I did get the odd spasm.

So far so good.

4 Jul
Sixmilebridge 10in10 marathon #1
   3:23:09, 7:45 pace, 2nd place


  1. Good first marathon! There are more crazy people than I thought. I've put $5 on you with Centre Bet to average 3:30 to 3:35, so don't let me down.

  2. Great start thomas. Well done. One day at a time. Plenty of rest and nutrition.

  3. 3:23 for your first of ten is a very impressive time! Who went faster and by how much? Are they down for all 10 also?
    I'll be calling down this afternoon for today's run only. Lots of suncream required methinks!