Friday, July 05, 2013

Sixmilebridge 10in10 marathon #2

I was very pleasantly surprised by how well the legs felt this morning, even though I did not sleep very well. I tried to take it easy during the day but we brought the kids to see the Burren and Poulnabrone and Ailwee Cave (that's the price I had to pay to be allowed out for the 10in10), so maybe not entirely ideal preparation for marathon number 2.

Nevertheless I felt surprisingly good. We eased into it but after a mile there were just three of us at the front, me, Stu (yesterday's winner) and Rik, who had arrived and subsequently started very late yesterday and finished his first marathon well after midnight. Rik took off at mile 10 but we caught him again at mile 13. Stu fell slightly behind at the start of the second loop and never quite managed to close the gap, so Rik and me ran in together to finish joint first in 3:26:43.

I am still working on my nutrition, I had to deal with rather painful stomach cramps for the last 7 or 8 miles. I think the main issue is not being used to running so late in the day and I keep eating big lunches and then my digestive system rebels towards the end of the marathons. I need to keep eating though or I'll never finish the 10. I still have to work out how to deal with this.

The achilles was actually better than yesterday but started hurting afterwards. If it stays like that I'll manage.

Sadly, two guys had to pull out today, so the 10in10 field is down to 21 runners.

Rik and Stu and me all keep saying that we don't want to race this, but what we actually mean is "if you other two both stopped running at that pace I would take it easier as well!"

Tomorrow is going to be tough, a 2 o'clock start at the hottest day of the year so far, and Sunday's temperatures are supposed to climb to 27C! Let's not even think about it yet.
(joint) Victory!

Ever so slightly forced smiles in the ice bath
 5 Jul
Sixmilebridge 10in10 marathon #2
   3:23:09, 7:52 pace, joint first place


  1. Well done pal, mighty running!! Im tired thinking about it all! Fair play to u all!!!! I'd say the Marathon des'ables is calling!!!!!

    1. That's the one even Niamh told me she'd divorce me on the spot if I even thought about signing up!

  2. Outstanding stuff Thomas. Adjust pace accordingly in relation to the earlier starting times and the hot weather and you will be fine. As for digestion and nutrition your system will reassertion itself in another day. Keep battling on!!!

  3. Please slow down! Jealous! 10C here (windchill was 4). Bloody freezing!

  4. Good stuff Thomas - keep it up. Will be keeping an eye on you in the coming days.

  5. Brilliant effort Thomas. We are very pleased to have your support to build LiamsLodge. Looking forward to the next post, keep safe and the very best of luck!