Sunday, May 09, 2010


Woke at 6:20, tried for half an hour to get back to sleep, gave up, got up, got ready. Went on bike for what was supposed to be a 90 minute ride but extended it a bit to get to Kate Kearney's Cottage (where the Gauntlet Half Marathon started and finished last November) and missed a turn on the way home. All in all just over 29 miles in 102 minutes, which comes to 17 mph (no, I didn't exactly kill myself). Immediately went for a run to make this a brick workout. The feeling in the legs when running off the bike is very weird, but it didn't slow me down. I started out at about 7:30 and got faster with each step until the average pace was down to 6:48. I had vague ideas of adding a second run later that day, but that fell victim to gardening work which took up the rest of the day.

Woke up at 6:15, tried for half an hour to get back to sleep, gave up, got up, got ready. Had planned to run longer but sore legs convinced me to take it easy, so 6 miles at easy pace it was. More gardening work followed, but I stopped at 5 o'clock to drive to Rosbeigh for my first open water swim. I felt like a right langer walking down to the beach in my wetsuit but it worked a treat; while my feet were freezing, the rest of me felt fine. I didn't stay in long, but I now know what's in store. Ideally I'd like to do another OWS before the tri, but we'll see.

The weather was much better than forecast. At least I think she said there would be scattered showers, but I tend to get slightly distracted by the tight fitting leather dresses worn by the weather lady. I thought it might be early signs of an oncoming midlife crisis, but apparently I'm not alone.

Thank God tomorrow is Monday. I'm shattered and need some office hours for recovery.
8 May
29 miles cycling, 1:42, 17mph
3 miles, 20:29, 6:48 pace, HR 158
9 May
6.1 miles, 48:34, 7:57 pace, HR 143
open water swim


  1. Not a bad weekends work.

    Donning the wet suit is best done as a group activity where the langer label is shared. Now if you started trying on leather dresses you're on your own (well you and the taxi man)

  2. I thought running was the new mid-life crisis?? A lot cheaper and much less hastle!

  3. Another beautiful (in the style of Andrew) post Thomas.

    If the TV station wants people to watch a forecast of "90% chance of rain" every day then the weather girl MUST be good looking ;)

  4. I like the new writing style Thomas, brief Lee Child bursts of text - have you been reading 61 hours?