Saturday, May 01, 2010

East Coast, Ireland

As Niamh pointed out, this is her fourth trip on consecutive weekends, Connemara, Dublin, Trabolgan and Dublin again, and while I didn't partake in her first Dublin trip I did bring the twins to Cork that day, so it definitely has been a busy month for all of us. Of course, this also included the small matter of a 39+ mile race around the Connemara country side, which is why there is still a question mark about the state of my legs, especially the quads.

After the tempo session early this week I was really getting worried about that pain that was getting chronic by now. I don't remember ever being sore for so long after a race, which was even more surprising considering how great I had felt the day (and days) immediately after the race. Eventually I dug out The Stick from the back of my possessions and not only started using it then, I also brought it with me to Dublin, an unprecedented course of action. Maybe it was the regular treatments with that glorified rolling pin, maybe the compression tights that I have been sneakily wearing underneath my trousers, maybe the succession of easy runs or maybe just the inevitable outcome after giving it enough time, but my legs are definitely feeling better now, and I'm reasonably confident that they'll get me through tomorrow's race in one piece.

If that race is really such a good idea is still open to question, of course. In fact, I do have a sneaky feeling that it might not be. But why let reasonable caution interfere with the fun?

With an eye on tomorrow's race as well as the pain in my quads, the last few runs have all been easy. 6 miles in Kerry on Thursday were followed by 5 in Dublin on Friday, and another 5 this morning together with a short session of 10x10 sec hill sprints in Deer Park. Just like last week's equivalent workout in Trabolgan, the hill in Deer Park had seemed much steeper in my memory than it turned out to be once I got there, but once again it would have to do. At least it was on grass rather than road, and nobody told me to get off the grass either. The heart rates for all those runs were higher than what I would have liked to see. The hills of Connemara are definitely still in there.

Anyway, tomorrow will require an early morning morning for a day trip down the coast to Wexford. Niamh will visit some friends while I will measure myself against the local running scene.
29 Apr
6.1 miles, 48:10, 7:54 pace, HR 146
30 Apr
5 miles, 38:45, 7:45 pace, HR 149
1 May
5 miles, 40:34, 8:07 pace, HR 156
incl. 10X10 sec hill sprints


  1. All the best in Wexford Thomas, and look after those legs of yours, you can't trade them in.

  2. I'd go for it Thomas. Don't listen to Grellan. Even if you can't use the old pins you two can still/always sit down an have a chat over a cup of tea!

  3. Scott your getting good mileage out of the cup of tea. Now if we had a few beers before Ballycotton you wouldn't have batted an eyelid.