Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dear Legs,

I know you go on a break after a marathon and ultra, and I know you like staying away for a while, but it is now almost 5 weeks since Connemara and you know what? I really miss you! Those empty shells you left behind in your place might look similar but feel entirely different. They're just not up to the job.

Remember the great times we used to have? Like that morning when we shared the road for 30 miles and then cycled to work? Or a similar pre-breakfast marathon? How we laughed when you started cramping violently on the bike! Or the hill repeats, the tempo runs and of course the countless insanely hilly loops around Caragh Lake, pure magic during sunrise. Please come back. It will be great again. I promise, this time I won't push you too hard.

Those placeholders could not even handle yesterday's 15 mile run. When I asked them to speed up over the last 4 miles they complained like mad, pretending it was impossible. Liars, the two of them. They did get down to 7:22 pace eventually when I insisted, uphill and against the wind. But it's just not the same.

Dear Readers,

I know you wanted to take out your credit card straight away and sponsor my marathon in July, but it just was not to hand. Don't worry. I don't mind. You can still do it now. It's a great cause and I know you want to help. Now's your chance. Thanks. And thank you very much to the guys who have done so already. You rule!
12 May
15 miles, 1:56:45, 7:47 pace, HR 154
incl. 4 miles @ 7:22 (HR 164)
13 May
45 mins swimming


  1. Like all good relationships, it has it's ups and downs.

    I'm good for a tenner if you let me beat you in a race. I'll give it to you in Cork!

  2. I let you beat me in Ballycotton and Blarney a few years ago, and I let you totally humiliate me in last year's Dublin marathon.

    And if my legs don't come round soon, you and your entire group of pacees will make me eat your dust in Cork.

    Now where's the dosh?

  3. You'll have to catch me first.

  4. ??? I thought I'd have to let you beat me ...

  5. After my efforts at Brighton I rested for 13 days - now back in the swing and knocked 1 minute 20 seconds off my fastest run home ever (Paula Radcliffe move over) - some old ladies have nothing better to do than knit and exchange quiche recipes!!

  6. "Call him a..." what Scott? I'm guessing "tight bastard." ;)