Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another One

Niamh: Say, are you serious about running for almost 8 hours in Dingle?
Thomas: Stop reading my private email!
Niamh: It’s a joint email address. Get your own one if you don’t want me to read it. Well, are you serious about running for almost 8 hours?
Thomas: Initially I said 8 hours. It took me 5:15 for 39 miles in Connemara, that would leave me 2-and a half hours for the last 11 miles to reach 7:45.
Niamh: You’re insane.

Maybe I am. She’s not the first one to say that, and she’s not the first the first one to say it referring to Dingle either.

Potential disaster struck the other day. On Thursday, Shea complained about a sore throat, and on Friday it was bad enough for him to stay home from school. You see where this is going, don’t you? On Saturday, it was my turn, and it was distinctly uncomfortable all day, especially since it came with a dull headache. Today, it’s similar, but slightly worse. Shea was fine after 48 hours, which means I should be ok again by tomorrow; we shall see. But I have been sick before marathons before, and while you may feel recovered when sitting on your chair it’s always different after running 15 miles, and there is now a big question mark over my Cork marathon.

Since it passed the neck test (no symptoms below the neck), I still went out running on both days, though I did notice a raised heart rate today. That’s not good. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

29 May
5 miles, 39:29, 7:53 pace, HR 144
30 May
7 miles, 53:28, 7:38 pace, HR 153
incl. 7x100 strides


  1. hope that clears up

  2. I'd pay close attention to your better 1/2 if I were you. They seem to pick up on the not so subtle signals long before we do...

  3. Did I miss something? Is there an ultra at Dingle as well as the marathon?

  4. Yes, I like that wife of yours Thomas!

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