Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Restarting Recovery

I found myself in 2 pictures from Sunday’s half marathon. In the first one, shortly after the start, I’m strong and confident, looking forward to the next 13 miles. The other one from the finishing line shows me in slightly less flattering light. Every single one of the previous 13 miles has left its mark, leaving me looking like Quasimodo’s less handsome older brother.

I didn’t know a half marathon can take that much out of your legs. I wasn’t too worried about being sore on Monday, but when I was grimacing walking down a stair on Tuesday I realised that my legs were in the same sate I usually am immediately after a marathon. On the plus side, they feel much better today, so the recovery is definitely happening. I have no idea on how best to train for Cork, so I guess I’ll just have to wing it. The whole business might feel like a really bad idea come mile 15. I know, because I’ve been exactly there in Dublin last year. Problem is, apparently I’m refusing to take in the lesson.

Had I been at home on Monday I would have gone swimming, but I wasn’t and therefore I didn’t. Instead I did a very easy 5 mile double-loop around the Stillorgan reservoir before jumping into the car driving home. Thanks to a new stretch og motorway, that only took 4 hours. Give it a bit more time and the Irish road network might even get to the state where most of Western Europe was 50 years ago, yippee!

Anyway, I belatedly entered the swimming pool on Tuesday. I won’t follow Grellan’s lead in posting details about the swimming itself because my training is just too pathetic and I’d look like a complete idiot in comparison. (Note to self: don’t ever enter a triathlon that he’s competing in). I still have to do an open water swim. We might go to Valentia over the weekend in which case I could do it there, or I might head to Rossbeigh at some stage. But I really, really, really have to do this. The triathlon is a mere 17 days from now. Crikey! I didn’t even realise it was that close until I just checked the calendar. Oh, and I did a bit of cycling during my lunchtime. I thought I might as well take advantage of the nice weather.

Another easy run followed this morning, and the legs are definitely much better than on Monday. On the downside, one weekend in Nana’s house has seen my weight balloon up to 151 pounds again, basically the same level I used to be before my no-sugar diet over lent. Accordingly I‘ll start the same regime again until the Cork City marathon. I just have to empty the chocolate cupboard first. I might get there by Friday.

3 May
5 miles, 43:04, 8:37 pace, HR 139
4 May
swimming, cycling
5 May
6.1 miles, 49:54, 8:11 pace, HR 145


  1. I only post about swimming because i've no running to talk about. You'll enjoy your first dip. Looking forward to reaing about your experience.

    Can't give any advice on how to train for Cork i'm afraid, other than "don't push it".

  2. Yeah those half marathons can be very different in the way you recover from them. Perhaps to hard a course to be attempting so soon after the marathon.

    Good first photo, look strong and comfortable.

  3. I like how you're in the air in the top photo - could be in the lead pack too! And no silly white socks or girlie arm-warmers ;)

    It'd be a good idea to try an open water swim before the tri. Follow Niamh and the twins in a boat as they throw buckets of water over you to replicate the washing machine effect of a crowded swim start.