Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Busy Week

A few things have happened recently that seem to have changed some people’s perception of my running. I got my cheque for winning the M35 age group in Liscarroll, which amazed my mother-in-law. “Why doesn’t he run more races like that, where he can win some money?” Maybe it’s not such a waste of time then, eh?

Secondly, on Monday I got a phone call from a reporter from the Irish Times, Ireland’s premier newspaper. She was writing an article about the weather, and had come across this blog. She rang me, and we did an interview. The article was printed on Friday, and also appeared in their online version (Not sure how long the link will last, because they tend to archive the articles. Stupid or what!). I got quite a few comments from friends and colleagues, and Niamh was particularly pleased that she got a mention as well. That’s one way to collect brownie points.

The run on Saturday was amazing. I had not read Mike’s comment about taking it easy yet and followed through with my schedule which called for 17 miles. 9 miles at steady pace, 7 miles at MP, 1 mile at HMP. I had run a similar run last week, with a shorter MP section. Despite, or maybe because of, a less than satisfying speedwork on Friday, I felt very good from the start. I had to hold myself back on the first section, because I felt like running faster. The breaks came off eventually, and I settled into what felt like marathon pace. Last week I had started that section too fast and slowed down all the way to 7:20. Today I felt much better, kept the pace and knew that I could have run faster, but felt that it would not have been an MP effort any more. I had plenty left in the tank for the HMP mile, and unlike last week I felt in full control. At the end I was tired of course, but I felt great. Pleasantly tired is probably the correct description. Once more I got reminded that I hate running 10k pace or faster, but love the long runs.

After reading Mike’s aforementioned comment I took it very easy today, and intend to do so again on Monday. I will have to decide if I’ll add a third easy day on Tuesday, or if I go ahead with the “mixed intervals” workout, which sounds intriguing. I think I should be ok for the rest of the training cycle. From now on there will only be one speed workout per week, the second fast workout consists of cruise intervals. I can’t say for sure yet, of course, but I think this will suit me much better than those two speed sessions per week that have been going on until now. I’ll probably see the program through to the end, but I don’t think I’ll use it again for the next training cycle. I’ll still take some points that I really like about it, from the fartleks to the strength training and the stretching exercises.

The most important event of the week was of course Kerry’s annual humiliation of our dear neighbours Cork in the Gaelic Football Championship today. They made us sweat more than once this year, but of course they came through in the end. When things are getting tough and everyone else is losing their heads, it’s always great to have the best player of the decade in the team, I guess. Now for Tyrone in the final, and this time it’s payback time.

Have you gotten over it yet, Grellan?
30 Aug
17 miles, 2:08:42, 7:34 pace, HR 151
miles 1-9 @ 7:59, miles 9 – 16 @ 7:09, mile 17 @ 6:38
31 Aug
8.5 miles, 1:13:24, 8:38 pace, HR 133

Weekly mileage: 75 miles
Monthly mileage: 361+ (by far the highest this year, but less than last year)


  1. Your 3 hour goal is now in print so you've no excuse, bar blistering heat.

  2. p.s. Kerry were lucky third time round.

  3. Ah, Grellan, I would have thought you guys have learned how to lose gracefully, after all that practise we have provided you with over all those years.

  4. Very nice Kudos Thomas way to go and congratulions

  5. Glad to hear the workout went well, and nice to read about you in the article.

    I only opened my mouth because of the tone of your recent entries and the results of your workouts. I've found that when I start routinely either dreading or fearing workouts, and when the results of those workouts chart substantially lower than my expectations, that it's time to come up for air rather than dig deeper. I also know that I have a big enough ego that the latter always seems much easier.

    With that said, I think I've come to see the light a bit in the last 6 months or so, and now I honestly feel that the daily run (easy or workout) is one of the highlights of my day, even when the volume is high. If it starts to feel like a prison sentence instead (as many of your workouts are starting to read), I get worried.

    I'm just urging you to give yourself enough time between efforts to occasionally feel strong and on top of your workouts, as I think that kind of confidence trumps the results of any workout or race.

    You're working quite hard this cycle and I just want you to see the maximum benefits for your efforts.

  6. Wow, you're famous as a marathon runner! Nice mention for the wife too.

    We'll swap you some of that rain for our seemingly endless drought.

  7. Congrats on your new found celeb status, I look forward to watching the documentary, reading the book and seeing the film when it comes out, but which Irish actor will play the leading role?
    p.s. better get a copyright out on the RUBBISH MARATHON RUNNER or every Tom, Dick and Harry will be printing up t-shirts, hats etc in your name1

  8. So, did you take Niamh out to dinner with your earnings?

    Loved the comment from mother-in-law.

    Great article. Nice to see you get some recognition.

  9. You're famous! Nice article and comments on the rain. Hope you inspire some Irish runners!

  10. Don't let the newspaper fame go to your head - the medium's pretty much a dinosaur.

    It was a nice article, though. And I agree with Grellan - the goal is in print, so it "gots to happen" now!

  11. What's this about 'Austrian' Thomas Bubendorfer? I thought you were Irish! With a name like Bubendorfer, I should have seen it coming. =)

  12. Eric, Thomas is actually Australian.

    Journalists and Presidents are always getting Australians and Austrians mixed up. We do well at the summer Olympics, they clean up at the winter Olympics :)