Sunday, May 28, 2006

Honestly, I’m fine

The weather had threatened to become bearable again, but of course on Friday the rain came back one more time with a vengeance – and since Friday is my long run day, it meant 14 soggy miles. But, I have decided that, actually, I like running in the rain. I don’t get blisters from wet feet, and the rain ensures I never get too hot. So, all in all, I had 14 untroubled miles. Of course there was nobody else out running on a day like this, which is maybe why that one car felt the need to hoot at me as he/she was passing me. Maybe the driver was so amazed to see a figure running out there at 5:50am in the rain – I admit, it’s not what most other people would have chosen to do.

Saturday was my rest day, and today’s 8 miles finished off the week on 52 miles. I felt pretty good, but anyone running beside me would have thought I was on the verge of collapse. Due to my hay fever, my chest seems to be a bit blocked, so every breath is accompanied by a rasping noise. I probably sound like an asthmatic, but to be honest it doesn’t hinder my running effort. I still get enough oxygen to keep going at my pace, and it really is not a problem. It was only when I did a few quick strides that I noticed I was quickly reaching the limit of my air supply, but a normal aerobic running effort was ever sustainable, and I felt really strong towards the end.

Niamh has to go to Dublin on Tuesday evening (and won’t be back until Wednesday night) to attend some one-day course for her work, which means I won’t be able to run on Wednesday. I’ll swap next Saturday’s rest day, but that means I’ll be running 9 days in a row after that. It’s not ideal to say the least, and I’ll most likely put in 2 10 milers on Monday and Tuesday respectively to ensure that the following days are easier with plenty of recovery days. I could do without obstacles like this, but family life does come with its own challenges.

Oh, yeah, family challenges. What has Cian been up to? Let me think. He took the figs that mummy was soaking in order to make a cake and battered them in a big bowl of flour (I thought that was really funny, Niamh didn’t), he smeared some Savlon cream all over himself and a mirror, he smashed a few more eggs, and the washing machine is working all out to deal with the after-effects of a not-yet completely mastered toilet training program. Basically, business as usual.

26 May: 14 miles, 1:56, 8:17 pace.
28 May: 8 miles, 1:03, 7:52 pace


  1. Whoo - you've really racked up the miles this week. I have to say, I'd probably take an extra day of rest somewhere rather than running nine days in a row! You will have to let us know how that goes.

    From this far away, in the cleanliness and quiet of my early morning home, Cian's antics are hilarious. I feel for you though, really I do!

  2. I seem to remember that George Sheehan said that he made a lot of noise when he was running--he said that anyone who saw or heard him coming would think he was dying.

  3. Nine days in a row and feeling great? How nice and how strong you are growing!

  4. 52 miles is a good way to start off the training program. Running nine days in a row is no problem physically, but don't be afraid to take an extra easy day if you feel tired.

    You're not giving me good news about what happens when boys get older. So far no major catastrophes with my son, but he is only 17 months old.

  5. You're breathing like asthmatic but it doesn't hinder your pace...hmm, why doesn't it work for me like that?
    Good God, your son is making me smile lots lately:) but also I am happy I don't have toddlers anymore. I hate cleaning!

  6. I don't mind running in the rain either. You are doing a great job logging those miles - keep up the effort but, as Rob suggests, don't be afraid to take it a bit easier through that 9 day stretch.

    Cian is pretty funny. When my boys do strange and wonderful things, I cannot help but just laugh at them.

  7. "business as usual" very cool :)

    52 miles, whew! good job.

  8. Hi there, sorry not to have posted with you for a while, that darn sun in Spain :). I too suffer from Hay Fever, so know exactly what you arte going through as I am similarly inflicted at the moment.

    I am nowhere near your level of training yet, having rested up for two weeks since Prague, and I am really impressed with your consistant mileage. I used to train every day, and once kept my streak going for three months, so 9 days in a row is fine, but as Rob says, have an extra easy day if you are feeling jaded, you're still running, and it allows the body to recover.

    There must have been a lot of Dubs running in Spain last week, coz they didn't say hello much either ;)

  9. Thomas,

    Glad to hear the shoes arrive safely to you. Enjoy ;) I am glad I find them a good home..err runner to use them :)

  10. Thomas,
    I do think I'm fully recovered. And even if I'm not, I feel better than I have in the last few years!

    Hope your nine-in-a-row is going well!