Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cross-training of some sort

Thankfully the weather forecast for the weekend had been wrong. Saturday was a very nice day with plenty of sunshine, which I used to work in the garden like a galley slave. After 8 hours of cutting grass, planting blueberry bushes, strimming rushes and cutting down yet more gorse, I was as tired as after a marathon.

Cian has found some new ways of causing havoc. Yesterday he took off his nappy when nobody was watching and of course ended up weeing on the floor. Thankfully he missed the carpet, and it was easy to clean from the wooden floorboards. Today he insisted on helping making brunch, which unfortunately ended with the eggs poured all over the oven and the cooker, and both Mummy and Cian in tears. I had to drive to the shop and get some more eggs to pacify all parties in question, and eventually peace of some sort was restored in Caragh Lake.

I finished the week with a run of a bit more than 8 miles. I don’t know if it was down to the miles during the week, or the gardening work yesterday, but my legs felt like lead, and I really had to work on it. The weather has belatedly followed the forecast, it was raining heavily all night, but it had quietened down to a mere drizzle by the time of my run.

I measured my resting heart rate this morning; it was 46, down from 48 when I measured it last about a year ago. The significance of that? Not sure, but I found it interesting in a geeky way anyway.

14 Mar: 8.1 miles, 1:09, 8:31 pace


  1. aww, poor Mummy and Cian! Glad you were able to make everyone feel better :) (how do you pronounce Cian's name? Shawn? Sy-an? Ky-an?)

  2. Oh dear! Sorry Thomas but I did laugh about Cian's mishap in the weeing department - having only recently put such days behind me. (You should try a holiday in Spain with a baby shuffling on her bottom, and a three year old who hasn't quite mastered the toilet...)
    Hope legs feeling better - are you sure you're not overdoing it? Sounds like you train an awful lot.

  3. I'm glad you did find some sun...the rain here has been depressing. And wet! I, too, want to know more about my heart rate. I've never measured it or used it to gauge runs.

  4. Doesn't a lower resting HR mean that you are even more fit than this time last year?

    I laughed at Cian's mishaps too - it's nice to view them from a distance.

  5. Smile:)
    Resting pulse shoud be telling you that your fitness level is better, but what do I know.

  6. Indeed, your lower morning HR is a clear "yes!" that you are fitter than last year :)
    Don't ya love working in the garden?
    It is hard work!
    I'd count a day of that as heavy cross training :0

  7. It means you are a real long distance runner!

  8. I found that number has little meaning at all :).

    But most of my friends love hearing how low my HR is...maybe i can use this as a pick up line... :)

  9. Maybe Cian should hang out with Sunny D, she's a big helper too! Ok, that would be at your place though..ha, ha. I know, not very funny.

    Yard work will do that to you, it does to me, plus it's starting to affect my lower back too.

  10. Yard work takes all the energy out of me, as well. I find it more exhausting (and less enjoyable) than shoveling snow.

  11. Ah...nappys or diapers, as we tend to call them! Won't you be glad when Cian gives them up?

    Nice bit of cross-training. The work around the house is never complete!

    Stay out of the rain...and the hot sun. Take care.

  12. ooh, i'm curious how to pronouce cian as well.

    i love hearing about how mischeivious he is. i can only imagine what sort of work he'll be doing as an adult.