Sunday, July 02, 2017

Belfast 24

A disastrous race for me. I felt really good early on but kept myself in check and didn't think I started out too fast (still don't). However, the legs completely seized up at midnight and then it was just a brutal march to the end.

At some point I took one paracetamol which got me back running for all of 3 laps. I decided that taking another tablet to mask the pain was only asking to do myself some damage, do I didn't.

Oh, and I'm a complete idiot for panicking when I could not find my timing chip 30 minutes before the start. They gave me another one, which caused some minor confusion in the intermediate results. I found my own chip a few hours later in my bag!

I very nearly fainted straight after the end. Thankfully two guys caught me just as I was going down.

Will have to think if I ever want to do this to myself again!

In the official results they have me down for 185 km / 115 miles, which is a lot less than the 122 miles I have on my GPS. I'm not disputing the results, it's just one more disappointment on top of all the others.

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  1. Well done Thomas. You had a lot behind you, incl Aussie ultra legend Mick Thwaites so you weren't the only one to have a tough race. I wonder what the cause of the legs seizing up was? One good thing about the lost chip was your name appearing in lower case - made it easy to find. There were 2 others on 185.024k so if you didn't stop in a tie with 2 others, must be a problem with the results.