Thursday, July 13, 2017

"Good Morning Forrest"

I've acquired a new nickname at work. It's not the most original of nicknames, I know. Besides, I would have thought Brian Ankers had than angle covered already, in perpetuity.

People have been congratulating me all the time since that race and every time I feel like screaming that it was my worst performance ever.

Time heals the wounded I suppose. The legs are feeling perfectly recovered but the mind is still on hibernation. Anyway, I know from last year that it's not a good idea to rush back into training, so I won't.

I do, however, want to give it one more go. My 24 hours career started with 3 very good races in a row and continued with 3 disappointing ones after that, so I guess I need a tie breaker to decide if it was good or bad. I am wondering what went so wrong in Belfast, my head or my legs, but I strongly suspect it was the legs. Whether that was down to old age or not enough miles in training I can't tell for sure. However, I won't be going into my next training cycle in an overtrained state, so it's definitely worth giving it one more try. Where that will be, I still don't know. I have plenty of time to make up my mind.

Also, I finally might have found a place to stay in Dublin, though it's not finalised yet. Am I nuts for preferring a place a bit further out so I can get a decent run in as my commute (don't answer that!)?

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