Sunday, November 27, 2016

Limited Progress Is Still Progress

Well, he said it would take about 10 days to see some progress but maybe I'm still a fast responder because it didn't take quite as long. Good thing too, because I might have started panicking after a week otherwise. There is clearly still a long way to go, and in fact my numbers are still pretty awful, just not as awful as a week ago.

The last couple of runs have been a fair bit faster than last week, though partially at the expense of a higher HR. This isn't particularly alarming. I looked back in my training logs at what I did after my comeback from pneumonia and was really surprised how high the HR was for each run - all at least in the 150s, some even in the 160s. There is no way a coach would let me do this now, so at least I know that I am somewhat restrained.

The HR has crept higher the last few days, though not really deliberately. I did become aware a couple of times this morning that I was putting more effort in and pulled the brakes but the legs seemed intent to start turning quicker again as soon as my concentration waned.

I only did 23 miles last week, in 6 runs. I can crank that a little bit higher now, but not much. Blimey, I don't know how often I ran further than that in one day in training alone, never mind races, but it does show how badly I managed to dig myself into a hole.

24 Nov
4.9 miles, 44:51, 9:09 pace, HR 145
26 Nov
4.46 miles, 40:00, 8:58 pace, HR 145
27 Nov
4.59 miles, 40:01, 8:43 pace, HR 148


  1. I hope you are looking past the numbers at least a little bit to enjoy being able to run again. :-)

    1. I assure you, enjoyment is on top of my list, even if I don't explicitly state so every time.

  2. Good to see you running again Thomas. Limited progress is still progress. 770 heart beats per k isn't too bad. Interestingly I was at 880 for my 5k runs after 6 weeks off for the calf injury in June. Soon that was 780 or so, now it's down to under 700.

  3. Progress!!! That's a great word even if it should be written with a small p at this point :-)