Thursday, June 02, 2016

Recovery At Last

I know I have been whining a lot last week how tired I was all the time. Well, the good news is that I'm feeling a lot better this week and it doesn't take a genius to work out that it's down to reduced mileage, helping me recover from all the previous running.

Of course I still have one massive run ahead of me on the weekend in Donadea, which I am a bit nervous about. 100k is a bloody long way to run, no matter how you look at it, though the one bit that worries me most is that I'm not 100% sure I will be recovered fully in 3 weeks when Belfast comes round, much sooner this year than anticipated at the start of the year. However, I have studied the training plans of many old-school ultra runners and compared to some, what I am doing is barely a scratch. I do feel I need at least one very long run to prepare the body - 2 might have been even better, as that was proven to work 2 years ago, but 1 is all I have managed to schedule this year.

Anyway, recovery seems to be working great this week, after a rather tired Monday I started feeling better each day and by now running is definitely fun again. I ran just once per day and did my only workout on Wednesday, hill sprints once more, though on a different hill a quarter mile down the road from the usual one because it is a bit steeper which I thought would be better. At the very least I'm better at doing hill sprint now than I was 6 weeks ago, though if what I've read in books is correct then it should translate into better running as well.

Let's see how Saturday goes. Right now I find it hard to look beyond that!

30 May
8 miles, 1:06:22, 8:17 pace, HR 134
31 May
10 miles, 1:17:58, 7:48 pace, HR 139
1 Jun
7.5 miles, 1:07:05, 8:56 pace, HR 135, 13 hill sprints
2 Jun
8 miles, 1:02:21, 7:48 pace, HR 139

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  1. Hope Donadea went well. Real Irish weather down here this weekend - solid rain. Quite spectacular and different, but not the best for outdoor activities.