Sunday, May 29, 2016

One Week Closer

I've run 100 mile weeks before. They entail a lot of running; not only is that perfectly obvious, it's also the entire point. I don't quite remember them being quite so tiring, though. I've felt fatigued all week; it seemed to get better by Friday and Saturday, so much so that I was actually looking forward to a good long run on the Kerry Way but as soon as I took the first step this morning I knew it would be a bit of a struggle.

I spent most of today's run thinking up reasons why it's better to cut it short; being too tired, not wanting to overtrain, Belfast only being 4 weeks away and so on. Perfectly good reasons to cut the planned 4 climbs of the Windy Gap down to 3 or maybe even 2. However, as tired as I was at the top of the hill, by the time I reached the bottom I was feeling well recovered (well, duh!) and up for just one more climb. And again and again, until I was actually doing the fourth one and all was left to head towards home.

In fact, I didn't feel much worse as the run went on as I had felt at the beginning. Running on heavy legs is good ultra training, until you reach the point where it's no longer good for you of course, but so far I've never managed to find out where that point is. Mentally it's definitely good to get through such a training run, it gives you tons of confidence that you will be able to keep going when the going gets tough - as it invariably will.

There would have been a great run in the Burren on Saturday, an off-road marathon. Not only have I heard nothing but wonderful reports about the race, both about the course as well as the organisation, it would have been perfectly timed, 4 weeks before Belfast. However, today was Niamh's birthday and that's that. Maybe they can move that race by a week some year; I don't think Niamh will be moving her birthday.

I've managed to get through this week unscathed. I'll take it much easier next week. It's not tapering time yet because there's still one rather long run left next Saturday, which will be absolutely crucial. So, just one workout on Wednesday if I feel up to it, and easy running otherwise. That will hopefully get some life back into the old legs.

27 May
am: 10 miles, 1:19:52, 7:59 pace, HR 141
pm: 4 miles, 35:05, 8:46 pace HR 132, treadmill
28 May
am: 10 miles, 1:17:10, 7:43 pace, HR 145
pm: 4 miles, 34:45, 8:41 pace HR 133, treadmill
29 May
14.5 miles, 2:27:44, 10:09 pace, HR 143, Kerry Way
Weekly Mileage: 103.5


  1. Big week.
    How inconvenient. She needs to reschedule her birthday next year!

  2. All the best on Saturday Thomas.