Monday, June 27, 2016

One-line Blog Post

I could not remember ever feeling so exhausted, even though I knew I had been there before; I just had forgotten how much it hurt.

The provisional results have me at 207k/128 miles, I honestly can't remember if that's correct or not (for some reason I had 208k in my memory, not that it really matters).

That's less than I had hoped for; I went through some very rough patches at 50, 60 and 90 miles. On the plus side, I had by far the strongest final 4 hours I've ever had in a 24 hours race, which helped to give the result some respectability as well as hope for one really good race yet to come.

I'm in Dublin now and will get home tomorrow, Tuesday. I'll write a race report then, but it might take a while ;)

(OK, that was more than one line)

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  1. Well done Thomas. The best 10 line blog post you've ever written.