Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Still Nothing

My achilles was still a bit sore on Monday and Tuesday, which is why I delayed my return to running. I have nothing to gain from an early start; Dublin is still over 5 weeks away and I don't need to get into racing shape to run 3:30. The cross country I'm not too bothered about.

I did prepare my gear for this morning but did not set the alarm clock. Had I woken in time I would have gone running. I didn't, which meant another day off. I'll try the same again tonight. At some stage I'll start running again, I'm sure. The weather has been pretty foul over the last few days which made it easier to stay indoors, but that looks set to improve.

I haven't got much else to say, but I did think some more about Dingle. I tried to add up all the nutrition I took aboard during the race: 2 Amino (294 cals), 2 granola bars (190 cals), 4(?) Sis isotonic gels (360), 2 lucozade sport gels (166), 1 red bull energy shot (25), 1 banana (105), one orange slice and 1 jelly sweet, and as long as I haven't forgotten anything that's just under 1200 calories, probably at the high end of what my stomach was able to process over the first 6 hours (I didn't take much towards the end due to stomach cramps). What it does tell me is the value of liquid nutrition. The Amino went down better than anything solid but provided a lot of calories. I wonder how far I could run just on that stuff alone? (I might find out one day). Actually, since I burned about 5000 calories during the run and was pretty much unable to eat for the rest of the day, why did I not lose any weight? I must have been at a significant calorie deficit, but the scales did not show that.

That reminds me, Niamh is trying to sell some of her baking goods. She was told by two people that "your skinny husband is not a great advertisement for your baking skills". The fools don't realise that I eat tons of that stuff. Niamh, fool that she is, seems to have taken this as a challenge to fatten me up and keeps placing absolutely irresistible treats in front of me. Fool that I am, I am eating the lot. I'd better get back into running quickly, before I've turned into a fat slob.

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