Sunday, September 12, 2010


That's my combined total of exercise this week. No running, no cycling (apart from my normal commute to work), no stretching, no nothing. Instead I've systematically attempted to single-handedly reduce the world's stockpiles of chocolate and ice cream, which was pretty successful, according to the weighing scales.

My initial plan was to rest for 2 weeks after the Ultra. Then I got antsy earlier this week, and decided to hit the road again by Monday. The muscles have always felt amazingly well, but my Achilles was rather painful last Monday and has slowly but steadily improved from day to day. I did not feel any discomfort on Saturday, but after walking for 40 minutes today I could feel it again. Not bad, but enough to convince me to increase the recovery. If I get too jittery, I might do some cycling, but at the moment I think I might enjoy a few late mornings.

Niamh made use of my idle time to spend the weekend in Dublin to visit yet another new niece. There was nothing for 10 years and all of a sudden there were three new babies from her sisters and brother in the last 18 months. She took the girls with her, leaving the boys in my care. We both agreed that looking after only 2 children is so easy, it's basically a relaxing time. We made best use of our boys-only household to hold a pirate party, which went down a treat.

I'm using the time to work out some plans for 2011. It would help if someone could confirm (or deny) if the Killarney marathon will take place next March. I haven't heard anything official yet and the website, which had only been a template, has now gone completely offline. As an alternative I do have an eye on Barcelona, which for some reason always attracts a huge number of Irish runners and gets great reviews, but if there is a marathon here in Kerry my bank manager would definitely prefer me to do without an expensive trip to the continent.

Closer to now, I'll probably do a couple of cross country races this autumn. Normally they are too close to Dublin, but since I'm not racing it this year I can give it a try. I'm dying to find out if is it really as tough as everyone says


  1. The 10 milers are tough - I can vouch for that! Even on dry ground ;)

    Enjoy the easy few weeks.

  2. Thomas I have been distracted by other things this past week so missed your post about THE RACE until today.
    Brilliant report (as usual) and I agreed so much with your comment on the next post about the drugs - I get such a buzz from a marathon I can't begin to imagine an ultra!
    In my youth and early 20s I ran cross-country and loved it. For all it being alledgedly harder its much kinder to the knees and ankles!

  3. X-C, love it, have fun and enjoy the pain.

  4. Just look at Grellan's blog and see the picture of the guy falling in the mud!
    Ha,ha 'GREAT FUN':]