Saturday, November 01, 2008

On the Way to Boston

I didn’t know how long I would rest for. On Monday evening I felt like never running again, on Wednesday I still felt like taking two weeks off, and on Friday the old itch seemed to return. When I saw the weather forecast and got annoyed by the prediction of rain, I knew I was ready for a return.

My legs had already been fine, but mentally I needed the break more than physically. It’s a bit strange because the heart keeps thinking of Cork as a very successful run and Dublin as somewhat of a failure, and then the head points out that the Dublin time was 4 minutes faster.

Anyway, I managed to squeeze a run between the early morning rain showers. This proved that Niamh knows me better than I know myself, because she had predicted a return to running before the week is out. It was not long, and it probably was faster than I should have, but I guess after four days of idleness the legs were itching to burn some rubber. We’re still in Dublin, and will drive home tomorrow, and I will only run if I have time and if the weather is agreeable. Next week is still an easy recovery week of unstructured running before the next training cycle will commence, provided I feel ready. I will type out a proper training plan once I find the time, but I’ve already decided that the first 4-6 weeks will consist of only easy runs with a ceiling of 80% HR. I’ll set the alarm on the Garmin to make sure I’ll stay there (I didn’t today).

The official marathon photos are finally ready, after a long wait of 5 days. Needless to say, I won’t be spending my money on any of these shots. I think that all of them were taken during the last mile, and Niamh’s comments were not too flattering.

There are at least a dozen sets of photos from private photographers to be found on the Internet, but somehow I managed to squeeze past all of them without registering apart from one that shows me being chicked at mile 25. Not that I’m overly keen on being reminded how wrecked I looked.

The kids enjoyed Halloween, and I’ll post some photos next time. There’s no need to mix those lovely shots with the ugly ones of me in the same post.

1 Nov
4.5 miles, 35:27, 7:57 pace, HR 154

October mileage: 210


  1. well congrats on your pr! i'm so sorry you had to suffer thru stomach cramps.

    I will BE THERE to see you in boston! do you have somewhere to stay yet?

    you look pretty good to me in those shots. but boo on getting "chicked." ha.

  2. I don't know - the one on the right of the second row isn't too bad - as is the 'finisher'.

    The one with the girl in red shorts is at least colourful.

    Enjoy your recovery weeks.

  3. being "chicked" - hmm, not sure what I think of that one.... lol

    you're making me want to run boston now (whoops, i probably shouldn't assume I'm going to qualify..)

  4. Does that mean I'll see you in April?

  5. Wow! Big congrats Thomas! I've been off in DC, didn't get back to the computer till today, so I didn't know how you did. I'm sorry to read that you had stomach cramps, but impressed with your time. You'll have a great time in Boston!

  6. My wife took that photo of you!
    Congrats on the PB.