Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More Photos

Since there is very little to tell about my running, I thought I might as well post some more Halloween photos. After all, they are worth posting.

Lola’s costume was the only one we bought, but we had to try half a dozen shops until we found a devil’s fork. She loved it, but when Mummy painted her face, she initially thought she looked stupid and wanted to hide her face. As you can see, she eventually changed her mind.

Cian made a vampire mask in school, which he demonstrated very proudly to me last week. But after Mummy put on his face paint, he refused to wear the mask because he decided that he already looked perfect. We didn’t argue, and in my opinion Mummy’s talent for face painting is stunning.

Shea recently got interested in Greek mythology (I bet you thought 7-year olds don’t do Greek mythology) and his favourite story is Theseus and the Minotaur. He decided to make his own mask, which he designed himself, and with Mummy’s help it took shape. I thought it was the scariest mask I saw all evening, but the most impressive thing is that it’s all his own work.

I guess it doesn’t hurt to sat a few things about my running. To answer Mike’s question, my max HR is about 190, and 152 is 80% of that, which is why I chose it as the upper threshold for the next few weeks of recovery running. It's easy to stay under that on the flat, but I have to slow down considerably on climbs. What struck me is that yesterday’s run was a good bit faster than Monday or today, at the same HR. Since the conditions were pretty much identical, I guess it must have been the lighter shoes (Nike Luna Trainers vs. Asics Stratus). I am really surprised to see such a difference.
4 Nov
5 miles, 41:02, 8:12 pace, HR 146
5 Nov
5 miles, 41:50, 8:22 pace, HR 147


  1. You know, I couldn't figure out what Shea's mask was, though I knew it was familiar. It was just out of my reach. But once you said the Minotaur I could totally see it - it is a very realistic, good and scary mask!

  2. As your body recovers each day it would be normal to expect to run faster with the same h.r. until you reach full recovery!
    The LUNAR IS AN AWESOME SHOE! and if you can land behind the balls of your feet, they allow your feet to act as if they were running bare foot, allowing full elastic recoil from the fascia!