Sunday, October 20, 2019

Upwards And Onwards

A bit of increase in mileage this week, a bit over 50 miles, which felt astonishingly easy. I guess the deep endurance that I have gained over the last 15 years doesn't just disappear, even if the old legs aren't what they're used to be.

On Saturday I had the distinctive feeling of effortlessly floating along, no bother whatsoever, and running just felt so easy. It's an all too rare feeling these days, I don't think I had more than 3 of those days this year but it's still fun when it's happening.

I measure my resting HR again, it went back down to 45, which seems to indicate that the recovery from the EcoTrail race is going very well, at least as far as the cardio-vascular system is concerned. I'll keep the effort easy enough for a while, there's no need for heroic workouts for quite some time yet.

I put my bike into the shop for a service and it will take a few days because he has to order a new derailleur first, apparently Cube use their own version and he doesn't have that in stock. I'll take the bus a few times, not my favourite way of getting to work but I'll cope.

Since I started running into work again last week, I'll do more of that. It means I don't have to rush our for a quick 30-40 minute run at lunchtime, which makes things easier, and much more relaxed.

Work seems to be going very well indeed at the moment, which is good, it makes your life outside running so much easier, which obviously helps with your running life as well. I can't quite believe the years I wasted at bloody Fe*co - don't do what I did. When your managers are a group of bullies, get the hell out of there, even if it means having to relocate. Don't waste years hoping things will eventually improve. Bitter, me? Nah. Just glad to have left the cesspit behind!

Same as in running - upwards and onwards!

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