Sunday, September 10, 2017

No Hurricane In Ireland

It must be old age, but time really is flying. It's already mid-September. Where did the year go? What did I miss? And how come my youngest son, the little baby that was born only just yesterday or a few days before that, is suddenly talking in such a deep voice?

Though I can tell you one moment when time is not flying - when you're stuck near bloody Naas, trying to get home on Friday evening. Once schools re-started, traffic in and around Dublin went from bad to atrocious. I really don't know how people who experience that every day cope. It drove me bananas after just 3 days. This Friday it took me almost 3 hours from Ringsend via Dundrum (that didn't help, obviously) to the junction past Naas. On an open road I'd be in Kerry already by that time!

Anyway, I made it home. Before that I managed to resurrect my run commute after taking it easy for a few days following the marathon, which went well.

Saturday morning the legs must have cherished the oh so familiar Caragh lake road, they just took off. Time seemed to fly - before I knew it I was 5 miles away from home and turned around, and then I must have blinked because all of a sudden I was almost back home again.

Inevitably, Sunday was payback time. The chest felt constricted again, though that didn't impact on my run, but the tired legs did. It didn't help that it was windy and at times raining heavily, but I kept thinking of some friends in Florida, and in comparison to what they are going through right now our own little weather system doesn't even register. Anyway, the last five miles really dragged on, especially as they were against the wind, but by mentally cutting the route into small chunks I managed to make the rest of the run easier to cope with.

Oh and a colleague of mine is doing Ironman Wales right now, I bet he could do without the wind (he's a third into the bike as I'm writing this). Good man, Neil!
7 Sep
9.15 miles, 1:14:04, 7:59 pace, HR 145
8 Sep
8 miles, 1:04:29, 8:03 pace, HR 143
9 Sep
10 miles, 1:19:06, 7:54 pace, HR 148
10 Sep
15 miles, 2:00:27, 8:02 pace, HR 146

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  1. Good times and good HR. Mine usually goes as high as 170 sometimes, depending how fast I run. You should see traffic here on 401 hwy, in Toronto, Canada. I'm just glad I don't have to drive. Cheers! Vic