Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Run To The Hills

Ed Whitlock RIP. The legend will be missed.
The weather gods seem to be taking turns at the moment. Saturday morning nice. Sunday morning not nice. Monday morning nice. Tuesday morning not nice. Let's see which deity eventually gets on top of it all (this being Kerry I suspect it's going to be the rain god again). But the temperatures have definitely gone up and it's about time to ditch the gloves again.

The body continues to improve. It basically took me about 3 month to recover from Albi (plus the overtraining that had preceded it) but now things are improving fairly rapidly. There were times when I did wonder if I'd ever be able to run without heavy legs again but that has thankfully been answered by now. Not every day, mind. Tuesday's Yoga legs seem to have become a permanent fixture.

After taking it easy for a few days in a row I headed towards the hills again on Wednesday early morning. Last week I definitely noticed that much of my leg strength had gone missing but today I was very positively surprised how much easier those steep climbs felt already. It was almost back to cruising them on autopilot. I even had an audience when I passed a local farmer looking after his sheep several times on three separate occasions, and he actually gave me some encouragement (well received, I can assure you!). I did 5 climbs this morning, one more than last week, and I'm considering of heading towards Windy Gap next week on the Kerry Way trail. I'll decide later on.

On even more positive news, my car was unexpectedly less damaged than expected and is back at home, ready to be driven again. Oh, and the problem was not Niamh's fault at all (unless she got the mechanic to cover for her). Saves me spending a few thousand Euro I don't have on a replacement!
13 Mar
7 miles, 55:03, 7:51 pace, HR 143
14 Mar
7 miles, 55:20, 7:54 pace, HR 144
15 Mar
11+ miles, 1:29:11, 8:04 pace, HR 151

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  1. That's good news about the car. Whitlock's death was a shock - I was looking forward to seeing what he could do in the 90+ age-groups. He's set the standard and shown what's possible for older runners, that's for sure.