Sunday, January 29, 2017


Once again I got reminded that I am getting dangerously close to being an old man, though the way I prefer to see it is that I celebrated my 25th birthday for the 23rd time. As Niamh keeps pointing out, that would still be way ahead of my mental age anyway,

That's a much better picture than one of me another year older
Old age didn't come as much of a shock, after all I had a year to prepare for it, What did shock me was the weighing scales the following day. Yes, I had 2 birthday cakes, one in the office (thanks Jacqo!) and one at home (thanks Niamh!) and I tucked in heartily at dinner at the restaurant, but come on, 5 extra pounds? It took me all of January to shed 2 pounds (I'm not dieting, they just happened to come off) and that may have been the heaviest since I started running many, many years ago. Thankfully most if it was already gone another day later. Phew!

The numbers are trending up again, following the usual pattern of plenty of ups and downs but gradually pointing upwards. The weather has been character building at times, though I have run through much worse and this winter has been one of the more benign ones.

I think I'm in a pretty good place right now. Obviously I'm not in race shape, having not run more than 8 miles in months, but I can feel things getting better and better. The best training often happens at times when it doesn't even feel like training.

27 Jan
7 miles, 55:20, 7:54, HR 151
28 Jan
7 miles, 55:51, 7:59, HR 147
29 Jan
8 miles, 1:02:42, 7:49, HR 151


  1. Happy B'lated B'day! You're just a whippersnapper at 47. I've been told that the 'new' middle age starts at 60. Hope they're right!

  2. happy birthday. still a long way to beat over 85 marathon world record.

  3. Happy belated birthday, Thomas! Don't worry too much about the scales. Thankfully the spring is just around the corner, meaning that you will be able to run more and shed those extra couple of pounds

  4. Happy belated birthday, and I am glad you are in great form again after losing the extra pounds. I have found that just about everything has become more difficult now that I am over 45...