Monday, August 29, 2016


I had a reasonably good run on Sunday.

However, the fact that managing 8-minute pace for less than a half marathon without feeling wiped out at the end constitutes a good run isn't a great state of affairs.

At least I managed to pinpoint the problem: it's my hamstrings. They felt off right from the start, everything else felt fine. And things didn't get any worse - be grateful for small mercies.

I have some graphs where I keep plotting pace and HR data. It doesn't make good reading for July and August. In fact, the figures right now are surprisingly similar to what they were like last year - expect that was after missing 6 weeks of training due to injury.

Small mercies? Well, the knee seems to be back in almost full working order. I can feel the occasional twinge but it is not hurting any more, and not at all when I'm running.

I'm whining too much these days - so let's end this on a high. Cian is now in secondary school, City are top of the Premier League and the kids say Mummy should go away more often as weekends are much more fun with just Daddy around (that might be due to the fact that I don't give them a list of things to do before they are allowed on screens, but don't tell Niamh)
26 Aug
5 miles, 45:38, 9:08 pace, HR 133
27 Aug
6+ miles, 50:40, 8:58 pace, HR 138
   incl strides
28 Aug
12 miles, 1:35:56, 8:00 pace, HR 154
29 Aug
6 miles, 54:45, 9:07 pace, HR 132

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  1. Another positive is that your humour is intact. I won't tell.