Monday, November 04, 2013

Really Big Girl

Apparently the villager should not be so far away from his village
(yes, tough critic, that one)
Real life just keeps happening, I can hardly keep up. As of Saturday, the erstwhile baby of the family has reached the ripe old age of six, which obviously elevates her from Big Girl to Really Big Girl. Just to underline her growing maturity she decided at fairly short notice to change the design for her birthday cake from Princess to Mindcraft, which is quite a radical change in direction. Yes, she does have older siblings, how did you know? I don't think there are many girls who not only want a Minecraft cake for their sixth birthday but also have a mother able to pull it off, which might indeed make her as unique as she already knows she is - and well done to Niamh, colour me impressed. And by the way darling, I do know they are all mine, so can I please move out of the shed again? It's getting cold at night.

Temperatures have indeed plunged, it was down to a mere 3 degrees C this morning (36F in old money). For once I managed to adapt in advance and brought my gloves to my run, which is a minor miracle in itself. Running is still very much defined by recovery from Dublin. I did a series of 5 mile runs (skilfully dodging two major rain showers on Saturday) and moved to 8 mile runs. On Sunday the HR was all the way up to 150, for reasons entirely unclear to me. I ran at the same easy effort as every other run. I noticed the high HR and tried to relax, even though I was already taking it easy. Nothing would change the HR, and yes, I'm pretty sure my HRM is working just fine. Things had changed on Monday morning when I was running just a tad faster at the same subjective easy effort but with a HR over 10 beats lower. I have no idea what's going on here, but as long as I keep taking it easy I don't think I can do much wrong.

2 Nov
5 miles, 40:22, 8:04 pace, HR 145
3 Nov
8 miles, 1:03:36, 7:57 pace, HR 150
4 Nov
8 miles, 1:02:52, 7:51 pace, HR 139


  1. That's a cool cake! Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! Your post makes me wonder if I should wear a heart monitor, which I have never used, in spite of getting one with my Garmin. I always thought that if all my runs are at a comfortable pace, then I'm covered. I think, it's time to try it out, because I'm about to start increasing my mileage again...

  2. Her mother's clever. Looks disgustingly sweet -- perfect for kids. Funny about the trick or treaters -- it was unknown of here about 15 years ago. Now it's massive. Good earner for the farmers who grow those pumkins.

  3. Thomas, belated thanks for your pacing in the DCM...hopefully you'll be pacing my first attempt at sub-3 next year in Dub...
    all the best,
    Andrew (aka Robbie; aka Canine Marathoner)