Thursday, August 08, 2013

Magic Will Happen

Time has passed much too quickly, I cannot believe I am supposed to leave for Connemara tomorrow already. Do I feel ready? Hell, no!

I feel I haven’t done any training over the last few weeks. Of course that was all by design, recovery from the 10in10 was the main purpose and the 10in10 was always meant to be a training effort for Connemara. Right now all I can do is trusty in my training and give my best on Saturday, though the heart doesn’t quite agree with what the head keeps saying.

This is my big A race of the year and there is nothing like it.  I found it hard/impossible to concentrate at work (let’s hope the boss does not read this) and I am getting rather nervous every time I think of the race, which is basically all the time. Actually scratch that, make that scared rather than nervous. I found it hard to fall asleep last night, thoughts of the race kept going round and round in my head and the heart got pumping every time as if I were out there on the road already.

In short, I’m a quivering, useless wreck and a complete head case right now (yes, I know, it’s hard to tell the difference). I can’t quite remember if I was equally nervous last year before the 24hrs, or before my first marathon, or before my first ultra, but I do remember quite a few sleepless nights, so I guess I must have been.

Not knowing what the best taper is for such a race, I’m making it up as I go along (then again, I’ll be doing the same on Saturday on the road). I did not run yesterday and slowly shuffled my way through 4 miles this morning, just for the head, not for the legs. The next step I run will be the first in Connemara.

Magic will happen. Let’s hope it’s not of the Dark kind.

P.S. According to my DM stats counter I have run 2013 miles in 2013 so far. Let’s pretend that means something and take it as a good omen.
6 Aug
5 miles, 44:58, 9:00 pace, HR 126
7 Aug
Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nothing. Nada. Nil. Nichts. Rien.
8 Aug
4 miles, 35:15, 8:38 pace, HR 135


  1. Best of luck in the 100 mile!! Dont go out too fast!!Have a great 24+ hours of running!

  2. All the best Thomas. It is an incredible achievement just to stand at the start line. jojo

  3. Thomas, I've noticed you haven't brought your 'A' game to work and, next week, I'll be talking to you about that... Only joking:) Belated congrats on the 10in10 - outstanding.

    Best of luck in Connemara; sure, you won't need luck: it's only 100 miles:) You're ready: you're fitter than you've ever, you've a ruck of pb's, and to boot, you've stacks of mind-boggling training behind you. Now go smash it, have a great run, and savour every stride:0

    Good luck


  4. Thomas--here's to magic. Best of Luck and Strategy in the 100.

  5. Best of luck tomorrow.

    Enjoy the last minute nerves, its your bodies way of making sure you are ready for the great day. To a an extent you are now just along for the ride, just make sure your mind and body gets what it needs over the next 24hrs, keep it steady and enjoy all the little things.

  6. Just wanted to get my congrats in first. Outstanding effort thomas

  7. Following on from Cathal, well done Thomas. I was glued to Twitter and hoping you'd hold on to your place. Awesome stuff.


  8. All the best Thomas. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

    PS ... love the 2013 miles in 2013!!