Sunday, August 25, 2013

And Niamh is Happy Too

It has been a long 2 weeks, it has to be said. I started taking 2 weeks of rest after major efforts on advice of Mystery Coach quite some time ago (ok, so he said a minimum of 2 weeks ...), and there were occasions when I was glad to take a full rest and time passed quickly enough. This time, though, I was really looking forward to getting back and could not wait. You might expect someone who just beat his body up by running 100 miles on the road to be glad for some rest, but that was not the case.

It's great to be back! Not even the rain could dampen my spirits.

The five miles on Sunday were just to get used to running again and I basically went as slowly as I could. Sunday was a good bit faster, though the effort was still very easy. I was stunned when I saw the HR on the screen, but this will come down very quickly. Within 2 weeks I expect to be running a minute per mile faster at the same HR.

24 Aug
5 miles, 42:00, 8:24 pace, HR 140
25 Aug
5 miles, 39:23, 7:52 pace, HR 151


  1. Hi Thomas just catching up with your blog [its been a while]! Mega impressed with your 100 mile race and your 10 in 10 bloody impressive!

  2. Slacker - Paddy Quinn ran the directors and Longford this weekend. He had a pb 10 miler the week after Conne. Still ye elites need your rest ;-))

    1. Paddy also ran the Belfast 24hrs a few weeks before Connemara. His main purpose in life is to make me look somewhat sane in comparison.

  3. Thomas ... glad to hear it! :)

  4. I'm as happy as Niamh - a beautiful short post. Good advice from MC. Coincidentally, Marty Dent had his first jog today after the World Champs marathon.