Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Importance Of Being Idle

Someone said to me last night, now that you have taken a break from running you have plenty of time to blog. I told him that I have nothing to write about.

I haven't run a single step since crossing the line in Dingle and I'm still only halfway through my rest period. But in contrast to the aftermath following Bangor I am perfectly content with being a couch potato, eating tons of chocolate and biscuits and just being lazy. I'll probably have gained a stone by the time I'm back on the road and subsequently curse myself for letting myself go, but right now I'd rather have another cookie, thank you very much.

Funnily enough, my right Achilles has not bothered me once ever since the climb up to Conor Pass. I know it might come back when I start running, but before Dingle there was always some discomfort when I got up in the morning, and at the moment that is completely gone. It seems impossible to get rid of something like that by running 50 miles, but I'm not complaining. Even if it worked, I'm not sure if it would really catch on as a cure.

As predicted, this has been the week with the nicest weather all year; just as the kids are back in school and I am not running. Somewhere up there is obviously having a laugh.

Now for something completely different. When I was running the Boston marathon a few years ago, after a few miles I passed a man in his 70s pushing a wheelchair with a grown man in it along the marathon course. I was already aware of them, as were a lot of other runners as the "Go Hoyts" calls showed. That man was Dick Hoyt and the man in the wheelchair was his son Rick. If you google their names, you will read a truly remarkable story. Anyway, a few weeks ago I was contacted by a man called Todd Civin to tell me that he had co-authored a book together with Rick. If you are looking for some inspiration you could do a lot worse than check it out.

"One Letter at a Time" by Dick and Rick Hoyt with Todd Civin.  Read the inspirational story as told by Rick Hoyt, who uses his specially designed computer along with his unique method of communicating to share his amazing story. "One Letter at a Time" also contains dozens of stories written by those who have had their lives positively impacted by Rick  
Contact us at or Todd Civin at to pre-order yours today. 

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  1. Amazing story, so inspirational. Thanks for introducing this book!