Friday, September 14, 2012


Time flies when you're having fun, especially my favourite kind of fun, out on the road. After taking 10 days off, there will now come at least a month of easy jogging with gradually increased mileage (that advice is from Alberto Salazar no less - but no, I didn't get it straight from him). Apparently there are a couple of cross-country races in a few weeks that I might be expected to attend because all of a sudden there are enough members in our running club to send a team, but right now that's of no concern to me. If my presence in said races will be required then I shall be at the start line more or less unprepared apart from my usual sense of optimism and idiocy (hey, it worked well enough in Bangor and Dingle!).

So, the kids are back in school, Daddy is back running, things have all of a sudden returned to normal.

I have run 4 ultras and 3 marathons so far this year, though the marathons were all as pacer. If things go to plan for the rest of the year I'll add two more paced marathons and one fun ultra, all of which will be training runs for my next marathon (I can sense Mystery Coach's exasperation). That means I'll end the year with 10 marathon-or-longer races for 2012. That's by far the most I've ever done, though when I compare that to some of the other figures in the marathon club I still seem to be one of the more sane ones.

I do believe, however, that if you run a marathon significantly slower than your racing pace it can build you up rather than tear you down, provided you are fit enough. I also believe I have achieved that level of fitness, but I know that not everyone is entirely convinced by that.

Anyway, running has come easy, I am getting into it very quickly. Thursday's HR was a bit high and I took it a tad easier on Friday, but drawing from past experience the HR will come down and the pace will improve quickly, without me pushing the effort. No need to rush things.
12 Sep
5 miles, 39:52, 7:58 pace, HR 147
13 Sep
5 miles, 39:25, 7:53 pace, HR 151
14 Sep
5 miles, 39:05, 7:49 pace, HR 147

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  1. Running lots of marathons works for Yuki Kawauchi. Your paced marathons wouldn't be as damaging as marathons raced flat-out or positive split (hit wall) marathons. Have fun with the races. Hope the club doesn't put you in the A-team ;)