Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was just about to turn off the computer last night when I got an email from MC, telling me to postpone the evaluation until Thursday and turn it into a preparation run for Dublin. In the meantime I should just try and get more consistent from day to day.

There are many things about Lydiard’s training, one of them was his rating of ¼, ½ and ¾ efforts. In MC’s terms, a ¼ workout could be repeated the same day, a ½ workout could be done again the next day and a ¾ workout 2 days later. Lydiard also prescribed only one ¾ workout per week, and I think that’s what the coach was telling me to take into account. My faster runs (~7:15 pace) were at least ¾ effort, maybe more, considering how I felt on Friday, or maybe just right as per Sunday, but definitely too often. So I dialled the effort back to 7:45 this morning, which felt very easy and very enjoyable, even in today’s rather windy conditions. When training for Dingle my easy pace kept slowing from week to week, which may have been a sign of overtraining, but I still did not dare to deviate from the plan and cut the mileage of the long runs. Now I can feel this coming back to where I was before. Today felt easy and the HR confirmed that.

On Sunday I started feeling a weird pain on the outside of my left shin. It didn’t bother me while running but it did for the rest of the day. I felt the same on Monday and today. Normally I would put this down as a taper-induced phantom pain, but I’m not even tapering for Dublin. I still think this will go away again.

Probably my least favourite part of parenting is toilet training. After initially making good progress, Maia is steadfastly refusing to do her number twos into the potty. We tried a few things, but she seems to be most interested in the offer of a Peppa Pig toy once she’s done the business. However, there’s still no progress. Lately she managed to get Niamh to agree to 2 toys. And when she tried to bargain for 3 toys with me the other day, I started to suspect that she is not having a problem but merely driving a very hard bargain. She’s definitely better at haggling than either of her hapless parents, that much is clear already.

On the bright side, my gear for Dublin arrived today. I feel almost like a professional runner with the sponsored outfit.
18 Oct
6.2 miles, 50:21, 8:07 pace, HR 140
incl 4x100 strides
19 Oct
10 miles, 1:17:10, 7:43 pace, HR 149


  1. Love the training talk, appreciate the details... keep sharing. Regarding "other business”, we’ve taking to bribing Isla, and it appears to be working. She gets one small jelly bean for a #1, two for #2. Just a thought.

  2. Count your blessings. Wait till they hit the teens and bargaining takes on a whole different meaning. Think Anglo-Irish bailout proportions.