Monday, November 13, 2006

I’m back

After a rainy weekend, we all managed to get out of the house Sunday afternoon. Niamh chose the Kerry Way as location for our sojourn, the very bit that I’m looking forward to running again. The photos don’t really capture the spectacular scenery. You have to experience it in 3D.

Finally, after two weeks of leisure I’m a runner again. I was surprised how quickly I fell out of the marathon mindset and I was totally content in being a complete couch potato. I did two weeks of complete rest, I didn’t even go cycling or swimming, or do any other form of cross training. As a result, not only did I very quickly regain the 6 pounds or so I lost during the marathon, I stacked on 4 additional pound on top of that. When I reported that to Niamh she said “what do you expect, you’re not running 70 miles per week any more, but you’re still eating like you did”. Hmm. She makes it sound so logical; intelligent as well as beautiful. How lucky am I.

The other thing she said yesterday was “are you looking forward to running again?” “Yes, very much so” “So am I”. So much for her being incredibly understanding – she’s actually dying to get me out of the house again.

Yes, today’s run. After 1 mile of what I thought was a relaxed easy pace I glanced at my HRM and was shocked to see it at 158. I tried to slow down, but never got into a relaxed stride. I didn’t expect my first run back to be a walk in the park, so to speak, but I definitely didn’t think the HR would be 15 or 20 beats higher than it used to be. It didn’t get any better, and even though I felt ok for the whole duration, the average heart rate at the end was 161. I think I’ve had tempo runs at less than that. I did run a bit faster than anticipated, but still.

I’ll do the same again tomorrow, just a bit slower. I’m already looking forward to it. I can’t wait to be a proper runner again.

13 Nov: 5 miles, 44:03, 8:48 pace, avg. HR 161


  1. Welcome back!

    Absolutely wonderful pictures. Perhaps one year I'll make it over to run Dublin.

  2. I found with myself that my conditioning kept sliding downward from the marathon peak for weeks. It bottomed the other day (I think) and now comes the climb back up. The theory is the new bottom is a lot higher than the old bottom.

    The increase in heart rate most likely is a sign your not fully recovered. Let the slide continue and keep the chin up through this tough time (training - wise).

    The more you leave on the course, the more time it takes to come back. So in an odd way, it's a good problem to have.

  3. The break will serve you well in the future. Hopefully those pounds will come off rather quickly as you get back to steady training.

  4. Beautiful children! My HR has been up for a bit after each marathon too - I thought it was because I only took two days off. Maybe it's just the hard work in general.

  5. Love the pictures of your children!
    What a sweet looking bunch :)
    This rest did you well I'm sure and the weight gain too.
    Both will allow your body to recover.
    Happy running again!

  6. Welcome back! The rest will do you good.

  7. Great pictures Thomas. Your elevated HR is just your body telling you that it isn't quite ready to resume training. Slow down a little more and take it easy.

    As little cross training would also help (look who's talking)