Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Mike does that thing before his marathons where he summarises his training from the last few months. While I hope nobody will compare his and my notes, I thought it would be a neat idea to plagiarise. So, here’s the raw data.

Training: 24 weeks
Miles (with about 17 still to come): 1415
# Runs of 20 miles or more: 7
Longest run: 23 miles
Highest weekly mileage: 70
# of times this was reached: 4
avg. miles per week (without taper): 62
# of PRs: 2 (5k and half)
injuries: just one mentionable one, a pain in the left achilles/calf a few weeks ago.

All in all I’m very satisfied with that. When I started the program back in May I half-expected to get injured due to the increased mileage, but that never happened. In fact, I’ve never run for so long without any major disruptions. This might be due to my body finally getting used to the act of running, or maybe I just got lucky.

My cold/sore throat still isn’t shifting, in fact, it seems to be getting worse. I’ve still got 6 days to recover, and even if it doesn’t get any better than that, I don’t think it will impact on Monday’s performance, just as long as it doesn’t get any worse. I’m still icing my left hamstring and right quads, and I’m still popping those ibuprofen pills.

I was contemplating all of yesterday evening if I should go out for a run this morning. It was while I was sitting on the sofa late last night, icing my hamstring that my brain had a rare moment of insight: Since I’m sitting here desperately trying to treat some running-related damage, it might actually make sense to give it some rest. Great idea, so I went to bed without setting the alarm and was looking forward to some 8-9 hours of blissful sleep to heal my battered body. Unfortunately, I’ve got 3 kids with an uncanny sense of timing. They all got up at 5:30, and proceeded to sing, dance, jump around, run around, fight and scream for the rest of the morning. I finally got up at 7am, and the first thing that happened was that my glasses broke. Bummer. I do have a spare pair of specs, unfortunately I was already wearing my spare one. My “main” glasses broke over a year ago, and I never got a replacement. Since I’m blind as a bat, and I’m working on a computer all day, a trip to the optician was in store, and all the money I managed to save this month won’t go towards the credit card bill after all. Bummer.

Maybe it’s just not my day.

That’s fine.

As long as all the misery is compounded towards this part of the week.

I have to drive to Shannon tonight to bring my mum to the airport. That's another 4 hours in the car, and my hamstring is wincing at the mere thought of it.

I very nearly forgot. I did run on Monday morning, 13 miles in the cold clear crisp air of Caragh Lake. The sky was almost completely clear. During the first hour, when it was till pitch dark, I saw no less than 5 shooting stars. I did make a wish at each of them, but I’m not allowed to tell you what it was.

23 Oct: 13 miles, 1:44, 8:00 pace


  1. Good time to look back and see how much you've accomplished. You overcome your own bad predictions. Now you are all those miles stronger mind and body.

    I think we know what you wish, you don't need to tell. You will make it fine on Sunday!

  2. I like the idea of the summary, its a good tool to compare your different races. I think you're going to do an awesome job with the marathon, just keep trying to get some rest.

  3. DO you know your bib number yet? What is the marathon web site so we can track you!

  4. Those are some great miles!

  5. Good luck to you! I hope for good weather. You've done a great job in your training and should be proud.

  6. I like this summary post - Thomas. It reminds us of all the sweat blood and tears that have gone into each marathon. You really increased your mileage this time.

    I never seem to catch those shooting stars - maybe I don't pay enough attention!

  7. Your training has gone brilliantly and your dedication has been excellent. It will all come together on Monday and you will fly! All the hard work will be worth it.

    I'll be around the Expo on Saturday and Sunday, and on Sunday I'll be at the Connemara Stand around 3 for certain. You should have my number, I'm the fat guy who couldn't even waddle around this year :) (But I'll be back!)

  8. shooting stars! that means the planets are lining up--just for you! All this crap that's happening now will soon be behind you.

    And: Resting is smart!

  9. Thomas, that is some incredible summary. You should be really proud of all the training and effort you put in. You are going to have a great race and you truely deserve it. You really are the type of runner I aspire to be.

  10. My god, you rested! I think the only thing you can continue to train at this point is your mind. I'm not a feel-good-meditation-type guy, but I feel staying positive does minimize the physical manifestations that mental stressing inevitably brings on. In a year the money spent on glasses instead of mastercard will be forgotten, and the kids will have outgrown some of these shenanigans and you'll probably miss a bit of the mayhem (though that's doubtful at 5:30am).

    Practice staying positive now and it will be easier to do so when the glycogen gets low and the dark clouds loom towards the end of the marathon.

    You're almost there Thomas, good luck to you.

  11. There was a shooting star this morning that my two running buddies saw and I missed. I was bummed!

    I sure hope you start feeling better before the race. Nice summary too!

  12. You've had a great training session and congrats again on the 2 PRs. Rest up this week. You're going to have a fabulous race.

  13. Good Luck for Monday Thomas! You've worked extremely hard & thoroughly deserve to reach your goal & thrash it too.
    Hope your cold wears off. I felt one coming on last week so got some Benylin down me before it had the chance to show itself. Im a big wimp though you see & i'd have let it beat me.
    I'd say Phil & I would see you Monday but I'm sure you'l be way ahead of us two.
    Thanks for all your comments while training. You wouldn't believe how much they have helped.

  14. Thomas - nice summary of your training. Your marathon performance will be the exclamation point on that summary.

    Rest, relax, and have confidence in that training.

    I cannot remember where this comes from, but here it is: Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

  15. Those are a lot of high milega, Thomas. I think your body is getting use to it. Good stuff.

    Did you had to tape your glasses? :). I did when mine broke.

  16. Love the summary - really shows how hard you have been working. Hope your throat feels better soon ...perhaps it is just stress and as soon as the race is on, it will disappear, hope so anyway! 5 shooting stars... now that is just too greedy!