Sunday, October 08, 2006

Once more, Recovering

I do listen to you guys and gals, honestly, at least sort of. As advised, I didn’t do my 20 miler on Friday. I woke up at 5 am, and listened to the gale force wind howling outside the window, and just couldn’t help but wishing to be out there. But I didn’t go. I can’t take any credit for that decision though. Niamh had decided to go to Dublin for an extended weekend (she had offered to take 1 kid with her. I demanded she take 2. The tough negotiations had lasted for hours, but I won), and left at 6:40 in the morning, meaning I couldn’t have gone out for a long run anyway (going out at 3 am is not an option, not even for me). I didn’t get any more sleep after that, because about 30 seconds after Niamh had left, Shea got up and wanted breakfast. (That would be a reoccurring theme for the following two mornings, btw).

I had to take Friday afternoon off work to look after Shea after collecting him from school at 2 o’clock. However, at 12:50, with 10 minutes to go I thought “if I go home right now, I’ll have time for a quick run before collecting him”. I left immediately (my boss isn’t reading this, I trust. If he does, I’ll find out soon), and changed into my running gear as soon as I got home. I had 40 minutes for 5 miles, and was a bit anxious about taking too much time, so I stepped on the pace a bit. In fact, I stepped on the pace a bit more than I had to, because when I got back home, the elapsed time was 37:01, much faster than planned. That means I inadvertently got a decent tempo run into my training, and it also meant I had time for a shower before collecting Shea, definitely a bonus.

I didn’t have the chance to run on Saturday, apart from running after Shea, that is. I had promised to take him wherever he wanted to, and he chose to go to Crag Cave, a cave about 30 miles from here, with a big play area. He loved it – so much that we stayed for 3 hours. I’m not sure how much that counts as recovery, but he had a blast.

For today, Niamh had organised me a babysitter for 10 am to look after Shea while I was out running. It might be a tad unusual to get a babysitter at that time and for that purpose, but it meant I could get on with my training. I did a repeat of the time trial from 2 weeks ago, 2.4 miles warm-up, 10k time trial, and 2.4 miles cool-down. After the first 2 miles of the time trial I thought I had started out too fast, but managed to pull myself together and push on. I reached the turn-around point in 20:56, and headed back. The conditions weren’t ideal, it was raining and quite windy, but I should be used to that by now. At least it wasn’t gale-force winds any more. I finished strongly and stopped the clock at 41:56 – that’s 1 second faster than the identical time-trial 2 weeks ago, ah well. I was pleased by the fact that the second half had only taken 4 seconds more than the first one. Not quite even or negative splits, but nearly.

Oh, and I did measure my resting HR this morning. Last year it was 48. A few months ago it was 46. Today it was down to 43. I take this as proof that I’m definitely not over-trained, and my little bouts of sickness are just that. I usually get them around this time of the year. The only unusual thing is that I got sick even before the taper started. Usually getting sick is part and parcel of my taper, but I live in hope that this time it will be different.

6 Oct: 5 miles, 37:01, 7:24 pace
9 Oct: 11 miles, 1:22, 7:27 pace, with 6.2 miles at 6:45 pace


  1. I would say your tapering routines might change a little bit this time around and your body should handle more than it could before.

    I am getting excited for your upcoming marathon. I enjoy following along with you, Mike, and Mike and others who follow a more traditional training routine. I know I keep saying this, as do others, but I really fell positive about the results you should have due to your solid training.

  2. Sometimes family must come first. Glad to hear you're over your bout of illness and feeling fully recovered.

  3. Good luck with the taper--I hope you don't get sick this time.

  4. Good luck with the taper.

  5. What a nice wife, getting a nanny for your run! Good for you!
    Hopefull your tempo run did you better than a missed long run. Think positive:)

  6. that is funny, negotiating over who takes the kids. I know one couple who made a pact that if they ever got divorced, the one who wanted the divorce *had* to take the kids. He said that pretty much insures they'll stay married forever!

    What do you wear in all this rain and cold? Just curious. I don't mind rain the warm, but rain and cold is nasty.