Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One Last Push

The marathon is getting closer and closer. There are less than 2 weeks of full training before the taper, and I’m already dreading it. I guess it makes a difference from dreading my long run. However, there is still some intense training going on before I have to rein myself in. This week is yet another 70-mile week, and while I’m more used to that kind of mileage by now, it’s still a lot of running.

I forgot to mention one thing in my last post. My team in the office usually go out for lunch every Friday, and while I was sitting in the restaurant waiting for the food, a man came towards our table and apologized to me for nearly running me over one morning “a few weeks ago”. I was totally taken aback, and instead of saying how much I appreciated this, I stupidly made a lame joke about it. In my defence, I don’t even remember any near misses. There were one or two occasions when a car went closer and faster by me than necessary, but no really hairy incidents.

I started the week with a 15 miler on Monday, which went ok, though I did feel the effect from Sunday’s time-trial in my quads. However, I’ve done so many 15 milers by now that they don’t stick out as a special effort any more. It was pitch-dark when I started out, but I could soon make out some very dark clouds, and expected to get rained on once more. By some miracle that never happened; the conditions for running are excellent at the moment. Niamh freaked out when I came home though – I had blood on my shirt from my nipples again (actually, just the right one. I must be asymmetrical). That was weird though, because I hadn’t even noticed it. It just didn’t hurt.

I’ve bought another pair of runners, this time it’s the pair I’m planning to run the marathon in; a shiny funky orange pair of Asics DS-Trainer. Niamh did question why I needed yet another pair of runners, seeing as it’s the 4th “active” pair in the cupboard now (plus a few retired ones). She kind of accepted my explanation of needing a pair especially for races, and that owning 4 pairs costs the same as 1 pair in the long term, because they last 4 times as long. She didn’t argue, just went away with a resigned kind of look on her face. I guess she’s not a runner, then. Anyway, I wore them for the first time today on my 5-mile recovery run. I did notice that they have less heel support over the first mile, but got used to it pretty quickly. I will take them out for a few more and longer runs before I make my final decision if they will become my marathon runners.

25 Sep: 15 miles, 2:01, 8:04 pace
26 Sep: 5 miles, 45:56, 9:11 pace


  1. I would imagine the DS trainers have a lower heel height than the Nimbus (isn't that what you usually train in?), so it might put a little more stress on the achilles/calves (not necessarily a bad thing). I have a pair and love them for racing. I do have to ask though-if you don't train in a posted stability shoe, why are you racing in a posted stability shoe? Did you check out the Asics Speedstar while you were at the shop? it's pretty much like the trainer without the post.

    I know I always give you guff about shoes (you deserved it for the Nike 360's though), but I'm interested in why people pick the shoes they do.

  2. Hey, those Nikes were half price!

    The salesman recommended the DS trainers because I'm a neutral runner. They did have the Speedstar, but I went with the recommendation.

    Yes, I'm presently using a Nimbus, and before that I had a 1110, and before that a 2110, and an Adidas Supernova cushion, ... Basically, I'm still looking for the perfect shoe. The DS trainers felt fine for a first run, and, as I've said, I'll make up my mind about running the marathon in them after a few more runs.

  3. You can't have too many shoes can you? Good luck on the rest of your training..70 miles weeks...I can't imagine.

  4. I've got a 5-pair rotation going right now, and it drives my wife crazy. It makes perfect sense to me, though.

  5. oh i yearn for the day when 15 miles is nothing special!

    apparently, i need more shoes. thanks guys!

  6. LOL,
    I love the shoe thing, I have a 3 pair rotation + 2 pair retired in the closet. (I hide them from the Mrs. Because she just would not understand,) Hurray for Niamh.

    I would recommend that one of your long test runs for the shoes, be a 20+, something happens at 20 miles, with shoes as well as people.
    Great Job Thomas, You are poised for a great run! So what is your taper plan, so you don't go insane?
    Are you going to have a specific project that you'd like to complete?

  7. Orange shoes!
    Orange is the color of:
    Energy, Vitality, Joy, Life Force and Strength.
    Good color for a pair of runners I'd say :)

  8. Who is this salesman? What's his emai address? He's selling you stability shoes, one look at the big grey chunk of duomax on the inside heel should be his first clue! The Speedstars are the neutral ones. Still, hopefully they'll work for you. The 1110 and the 2110 were both stability shoes too, but the Nimbus and Supernova fall well within the neutral curve.

    I'd suggest one 20 miler in the DS trainers if you're thinking of them for the race. They definitely put more strain on my calves and achilles, but I got used to it and I loved the fit. They're probably a little "straighter" than your semi-curved Nimbus too, which might explain the blisters.

    And I can't believe you called me a whiner!!