Thursday, September 28, 2006


I’ve run in worse conditions. Once. When it was hail stoning. While it wasn’t as bad as that, Wednesday’s weather was still rather appalling. Hurricane Gordon has come and gone, and in his wake, Hurricane Helene brought some more wind and rain – lots of it. Of course they aren’t hurricanes any more by the time they’ve crossed the Atlantic, but they are still powerful enough to root out trees – and, more importantly, to interfere with my training. I woke up several times during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday and kept listening to the storms outside. As much as I hoped they would abate by 6 am in the morning, that didn’t happen. So, out I went to fight the elements. After all, I can’t postpone a speed workout, can I? I can’t even think what the few drivers who saw me must have been thinking, but I don’t think it was very flattering.

The workout was challenging enough as it was; 6x1200 are hard work. After the fourth repeat I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish, but somewhere I found some extra energy, and actually managed to run the last two at higher intensity (though if they were actually faster, I don’t know). This time I didn’t wonder if I had done enough. I knew for certain. Actually, this was the first time ever I was really satisfied with my work rate at a speed session. I knew I couldn’t have run any harder, and I definitely couldn’t have run any further. My quads were sore all day. But it was a good kind of sore, the one that tells you that you’re still stressing your body, and ensures that you will improve as a result. All in all I got a great feeling of “yeah! hardcore!” out of this workout.

Today was a much more civilised affair, both from the weather and the running point of view. I did 8 fairly easy miles, in my new shoes. There is just one thing troubling me now. I never used to get blisters. Now I’ve gotten blisters on each of the last three occasions when I started a new pair of shoes. The blisters on my left instep are neither big nor particularly painful. They won’t stop me from doing 21 miles tomorrow. But they’re quite annoying.

27 Sep: 11 miles, 1:26, 7:49 pace, including 6x1200 and an ex-hurricane
28 Sep: 8.2 miles, 1:11, 8:39 pace


  1. Great running Thomas. Those blisters are definitely annoying.

  2. You did speedwork in the leftovers of a hurricane?!? That's definitely hardcore. (Whispers to self under breath: "Must get out of this sport before the madness spreads.") What? Oh, I said, "Great Job!" ;)

  3. Those speedworks are always hard...and yes..i have doubts whenever i do them.

    I usually do hill works and the mind always scream in the first few reps to slow down b/c my body can't handle it.

    ..but there is never a time I recall when my body cannot handle it.

  4. Running in a hurricane? That is beyond hardcore. And you got in a great run dispite the weather.

    Thanks for your recent comments. I appreciate the input.

  5. I can relate with those blisters! Very *&^&* annoying! Great workout - is there nothing that can stop you from training?!

  6. That is hardcore training for sure - and isn't it great? There's a satisfaction in getting your workout in during nasty weather that doesn't come any other way - and add to that the good workout you got, and you had a great day!

    Blisters? Welcome fellow sufferer! To reply to your comment, I might have to try a half size up. As it is, I'm running in men's shoes - I'll have to check the equivalency charts, because I thought that they were already bigger. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Well, not my fault, I didn't send my storm there, yours is another hurricane! Indeed I like to run under the hard rain but only if I have a mate with me, on the contrary I feel ashamed.

  8. Way to stick with 6x1200, they are crazy tough! And, oh, my, I am so excited with your futre plan, you have no idea!!!

  9. Excellent running Thomas, total dedication to your art. I hear a category 5 is coming over to give you a challenge ;-)

    Looking forward to the big day when you change the title of your blog after all the effort you are putting in.

  10. Hurricane in Ireland, I thought you would not notice them, now I know. Send them back to here, we need a refreshment.

    Now I wonder how you could make it... with all that wind and rain, that is Hardcore!

  11. Now that is HARDCORE. I use rain as an excuse to sleep in!

    Great job on the 1200 those are tough.