Friday, June 02, 2006


This is Lola. She is the most beautiful girl in the world, even if Daddy might be a tiny little bit biased.

I couldn’t go running on Wednesday, because Niamh was in Dublin and I had to mind all three children on my own. But I was looking forward to getting to bed early on Wednesday night, only for Niamh to ring at 7 o’clock and shatter those plans. She had gotten onto the wrong train, and could only make it as far as Mallow, about 65 miles from here. After getting the children ready for bed, I had to find a neighbour to mind them (which was an adventure of its own) and then drive all the way and collect the good lady wife. The road to Mallow is narrow, curvy and slow, and it took well over an hour each way. By the time we finally made it back home, it was nearly midnight.

I managed to crawl out of bed on Thursday for a 5-mile recovery run. Despite not running the day before I felt rather stiff and tired, which I blame on the car journey. It went ok though, and I once again managed to keep the effort to a very easy level. As always, I was both looking forward and dreading my long run on Friday. 16 miles sounded a lot, but I always enjoy my long runs, in fact, they have become my favourite runs. All the most memorable runs I’ve ever had were long ones. After delivering the wettest May in recorded history, the weather has finally turned into summer, the sun has been shining all week, but it is still quite cold at 6am in the morning, which makes for absolutely beautiful running conditions. Today’s run went exceedingly well, apart from one spot at around mile 3, when I felt a bit nauseous, but that went away and the rest of the run was great. I didn’t even feel tired towards the end, and speeded up a little on the last few miles without really noticing. I just love running at the moment!

Finally, I want to send best wishes to Mike, Susan and Dianne, and all the other runners for Sunday’s marathon in San Diego. Good Luck!


Update: I completely forgot! Extra special best wishes go out to Rob and Olga on their 50 miler. I know for you two this is a longish walk in the park, but to me you guys are just awesome.

1 Jun: 5 miles, 48:13, 9:38 pace
2 Jun: 16 miles, 2:09, 8:03 pace


  1. That is one sweet picture - and you are right, she is beautiful!

    Even though you had to go pick up your wife late at night, don't you love the car ride back, just the two of you, in the dark and warm car? I love those rides.

    Good job getting the miles in, despite the lack of sleep!

  2. What agrat photo - she is a cutie. I'm impressed that you still managed to get your run in after the late night expedition. Ah, the joys of mobile phones!

  3. Lola is very beautiful. I'd lock the doors now from those nasty 'boys' down the road. Glad to hear that your training is starting off so well (much better than my 1st week). Keep it up!

  4. In some cases it is real, you do have a beautiful girl!!

    Sleep after those runs with little sleep, I know you can but still try...

    16 miles 8:03?? Wooow!

  5. lola is gorgeous!

    yay for running, even wet running. i've a sneaking suspicion that I'll be doing some wet running on Saturday at S&S, albeit wet from humidity!

  6. What a cutie pie!

  7. Thanks for the shoutout Thomas. I think for Olga it is a walk in the park. For me it is a much slower walk in the park. And I think even if you are bias about Lola you every right to be she is a beautiful girl.

  8. Lola is aboslutely pretty!! Love the hair:)
    I am back from my walk in a park, it was fantastic!

  9. Oh, my she is beautiful.

    We've had a bit of wet weather here, only broken by patches of brutally hot weather. So all of my runs are wet these days!

  10. Lola does look to be the most beautiful girl in the world. It's okay; I know that my kids will won't mind me saying so since I have 3 boys. Fitting in running with kids is a challange. Good job getting it in

  11. what a great father and husband you are, thomas.

  12. Okay, I'm awake I'm really behind on my posts and well I clicked June 2005 rather than 2006 to be able to read what I've missed, so thats why you got my comments on those older posts...silly

    She is a sweetheart!