Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I see

According to you guys I’m either on the verge of injury and burnout, or I’m going to set a big PR in Dublin. Actually, I kind of agree with that assessment. When I decided to follow a new training plan that called for an increase in my mileage well beyond a level I’ve done before, I was well aware that doing so could well leave me injured. The possibility of that happening still exists, and only time will tell. Sometimes you have to take a calculated risk, and that’s what I’ve decided to do. If I can’t handle the mileage then I’ll find out soon enough, but I will definitely give it a go.

Mike has pointed out the unusual google ads I’m getting at the top of my page. At the moment it’s all for eczema medication, a few weeks ago it was all about cold medicine, and who knows what they will be serving in future. House insurance? Child minders? Disaster Recovery?

Today is the last day of school before the summer holidays, and Niamh isn’t exactly relishing the prospect of having to look after three children all day every day. It’s difficult enough to look after just Cian (and don’t I know it!), without the added distraction of two lively 5-year olds. I just hope the disaster recovery won’t be necessary for a while.

My right heel is a bit painful at the moment. It doesn’t bother me while running, but it was quite painful last night, and it’s hurting again as I type. I’m quite sure it’s not plantar fasciitis, because the pain is right at the back of my heel. Maybe you shouldn’t have mentioned injury in your comments, guys. My hope is that a new pair of shoes will cure the problem. It usually does.

I was a bit stupid on yesterday’s 12-mile run. I had expected to feel a bit stiff after Sunday’s tempo run, but instead I felt great. So great that I started an imaginary race against myself between miles 6 and 10, and overdid it a bit. I finally told myself to slow down for the last two miles. Ah well – the weather was nice, the road was clear and I just felt like it. I made sure that today’s 5 miler was a true recovery run, and I promise I’ll run tomorrow’s 12 miles a tad slower.

26 Jun: 12 miles, 1:34, 7:50 pace
27 Jun: 5 miles, 48:37, 9:43 pace


  1. Where's the harm in running good when you feel good? Sometimes I think we get too focused on a training plan and forget to run for the joy of it. Yesterday's imaginary race sounds perfect to me - running for sheer fun and because you felt good. That's what it's all about. If you doubt me, then just watch your kids for an hour - they move just to move! We should be more like them.

  2. It's a narrow edge to walk between making big gains and overtaining to the point of injury. That's part of the marathon dance, though - knowing how to balance yourself on that edge without going over the wrong way.

  3. I know how you feel. I often fall on the wrong side of the injury/PR fence. But how many do we know that never try? There's a thrill in pushing the limits but it is true the downside can be depressing when we are unable to run due to "foolishness" (hindsight). In my opinion, it takes years to work out the mistakes (especially the oft-repeated ones)and train with less injury risk. Perhaps that's the problem - who has "years" to waste? Good luck with your efforts. Keep track of your training and recognize patterns of training that lead to injury and patterns that lead to achievements. Both are of value.

  4. I sure hope the pain isn't anything big.
    Those days that make you feel like you could fly are nice, wish I could have those everyday. :)

  5. I agree with BackofPack that when you feel like flying you should fly. Pushing your limits is probably what got you started on this in the first place. Keep pushing. Just be aware that there is supreme value in rest.

  6. One of the secrets of extending yourself in a training program is knowing when to reign back. Listen to your body - tiredness can be run through, but injuries/niggles etc need attention. As others have said, it's a fine line knowing the difference.

    On a lighter note, can you email me at Liam3494@gmail.com as I have something you might like to see, and I am unaware of your email address (That's got you intrigued!)

  7. good luck to Niamh!

    hope your heel feels better...and glad you got to fly today!