Monday, November 21, 2005

A New Beginning

I went shopping to Tralee yesterday and bought myself some track-suit bottoms. I figured with the temperatures dropping below freezing point, I should review my dressing policy of shorts and t-shirt. I also had a look some new pairs of runners. There was a pair of adidas runners that looked very cushioning, but I decided not to buy a new pair of runners without first trying to read some reviews of them. I’m already kind of regretting that decision. I’ve covered nearly 300 miles in my only present pair of runners (the other one was retired after the marathon) and it is very much time to phase in a new one.

Today I’ve officially started training for the Connemarathon. I’ve provisionally decided to run the long ones on Monday morning rather than Sunday for two reasons. Firstly, it means my wife won’t be a running widow every Sunday morning, which should increase her acceptance of my hobby, and secondly it means I won’t have the daunting prospect of a long run ahead of me all week (I got that idea from Mike). Once my long runs go over 17 or 18 miles, I might review that decision again.

The alarm went off at 5:40am and by 6:00 I was out on the road. I had my headlight, but I actually switched it off once I got out of the wood because the moon was easily bright enough, and I just love running under the moon and the stars. Caragh Lake was covered by a blanket of fog into which I was dipping in and out as I was running over the rolling hills alongside the lake. Fantastic! As a plus I ran negative splits without even trying.

19 Nov: 6 miles, 48:28, 8:04 pace
21 Nov: 12 miles, 1:36, 8:00 pace


  1. Good luck for the connemarathon. has good shoe reviews.
    It must be lovely to be a runner in Kerry!

  2. I think you are going to run a 3.45 marathon, aren't you? About the shoes now I use the Reebok Boylestone for training (good quality and very cheap) and the old famous Asics Gel Racer Gold to race.

  3. i think it's the sunlight . . . I'm not really that blonde . . . although, a bit of gray shows up here and there

  4. I like getting in long runs at the beginning of the week as well. Go get yourself some new shoes you deserve them. And good luck with the upcoming training schedule.

  5. Good luck with the training Thomas, it's always fun to start fresh. As for the shoes, I've always gotten the best advice from my local running shop. I've found that Runner's World reviews are a little slanted towards pleasing their advertisers (running shoe manufacturers). Your local guys more likely get feedback from runners like you and me, which makes me trust them more.

  6. To start the week with a long run...that's why most people run long on Sunday! At least...those of us starting our weeks with Sunday!

    A too am a enormous (6'6", 200lb) fan of running in the dark. It feels so covert.

  7. Good luck with your training! Your early morning run sounded really pretty.

    I just got a pair of Nike Shox 2:40. They are really cushioned, and I am pretty happy with them.