Thursday, November 10, 2005

I stunk

The weather forecast predicts gale force winds and heavy rain for tomorrow, so, understandably, I decided to go running today and have a rest day tomorrow. I only did 5 miles, and boy, did I stink. I started at a relatively brisk pace, but not too fast. However, at the first gradient I slowed down and never recovered my pace from then. Maybe it was the Yoga from last night or maybe I was just having an off day, who knows. I’m planning to do a 12 miler at the weekend, weather permitting. I hope my legs will be more cooperative by then.

10 Nov: 5 miles, 41:59, 8:23 pace


  1. Isn't it interesting how one day can be so good and the next so "off" ? I appreciate your comments about stretching--I always warm up before I do any. And I don't stretch much before the run. However, I am now planning to do much more after.

  2. ok ok I'll quit complaining about the weather in my neck of the woods! We hit freezing temperatures this morning any way! It seems like the majority of your recent posts indicate rain...ugh! I read your race report! Congrats on breaking 4.

  3. No wonder the run was hard, it says you ran "8 miles, 41:59." That's 5:15 pace not 8:23 pace. :-)

    Thomas, I don't think 8 miles at 8:23 pace is bad. Heck, that's the pace I run my easy days at and I've run an hour faster than you for a marathon. I think you're doing fine.

    Hmm, or maybe I run way too slow.

  4. Oh, it looks like that should be 5 miles in 41:59 for 8:23 pace. Still 5 miles at 8:23 is fine.

  5. That's a great pace Thomas - I'd take it.