Sunday, February 03, 2019

Out Of Commission

I was running back home from work on Monday evening, just like I do basically every Monday evening, and just as I passed Shanganagh Park my left foot got caught in some uneven pavement and I very nearly went flying again, at EXACTLY the same spot where I had fallen exactly two weeks earlier, and probably tripped up by the same thing again, whatever it was.

It was at that point that I realised that I had my fall on Monday and the hip had started hurting on Wednesday, 2 (well, 1.5) days later. Coincidence? Possibly, but very unlikely. When I had that fall I thought all it cost me was a fair amount of skin on my knees (which is still missing) but I guess there was some more serious reaction further up the kinetic chain.

Anyway, I made my way back home and went on with the rest of the evening. In fact, my hip had felt much better that day, so much so that I thought I had left most of that episode behind me.

Alas, when I woke up on Tuesday morning I knew immediately that something was off, but stubborn as I am still went ahead with getting ready to run into work. But when I started "running" it became clear very quickly that it was a non-starter. I got as far as the end of the driveway before conceding defeat, walking back home, and accepting that I had to stop running until this was genuinely better.

And with that, I'm officially on the injured list.

Not running didn't provide any immediate improvement, that is for sure. In fact, Thursday was the first day since the whole thing started that I actually felt in pain, up to then it was merely stiff and maybe a bit uncomfortable when I made the wrong movement. Friday was much better again, so much so that I thought maybe I'll be able to start running again soon, but I definitely felt awkward again on Saturday, so that's a no.

How long this will take isn't quite clear. I am away most of next week for work, and if I'm still laid low by then I'll go and see a physio. Doneadea is less than a week from now, and it's not going to happen for me, which is a real shame, it's one of the very best races in Ireland and I hate to miss it.

28 Jan
10.25 miles, 1:30:06, 8:47 pace, HR 138

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  1. Sorry for your fall. Get well soon. I have "lost" a shoulder because of a stupid fall.