Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Parkrun Blues

I ran down to Shanganagh park again on Saturday to get the legs moving once more. I left a bit late and ran the 3.5 miles towards the park a bit quicker than what would have been ideal to classify as a warm-up, but if the parkrun had started on time I still would have missed it.As it was I had 3 minutes of a breather before we set off, which was enough time to say hello to Norbert and his better half, and then line up a bit nearer to the front.

I think I got the first k pretty much spot on because after the first lap the timer guy said "four" just as I passed him. However, things were not to last. Maybe it was because I had worn myself out on teh way to the parkrun. maybe the leftover noodles for breakfast were not the ideal pre-race breakfast. Maybe I was a bit tired after the 10 miles the day before, but none of those things explain why I completely, totally and utterly fell apart after the first mile. All the guys I had passed a minute ago went streaming past me over the next few miles and apparently I was barely doing 7-minuet miles. I sued to run marathons a good bit faster than that, not very long ago! It must have been in my head because I did manage to do 5:30 pace at the end when I saw the finish line, but whatever it was, I wasn't happy with the result (20:51).

You know what? I haven't recovered from DCM, that's what. So, after a bit of soul searching, I decided to bin the parkrun idea and get back to base training, which is what I should have done 5 weeks ago. I still think my initial assertion that I needed to get some speed into the legs because I had been running exclusively slowly for much too long still holds true, but the timing was completely wrong.

Let's re-build the legs and then see if I can some zip into them, preferably without tiring myself out for a change.

Ah well. At some stage I'll get the hang of this running stuff, hopefully before I retire.
27 Nov
4.57 miles, 38:22, 8:23 pace, HR 137
28 Nov
10.21 miles, 1:27:03, 8:31 pace, HR 147
29 Nov
6.33 miles, 55:13, 8:43 pace, HR 141
30 Nov
10.18 miles, 1:25:38, 8:24 pace, HR 146
1 Dec
7.22 miles, 1:01:41, 8:32 pace, HR 142
5k, 20:51, 6:42 pace, HR 162, Shanganagh parkrun
2 Dec
12.48 miles, 1:49:03, 8:44 pace, HR 141
   very hilly
3 Dec
7.23 miles, 1:02:36, 8:39 pace, HR 135
4 Dec
10.25 miles, 1:28:13, 8:36 pace, HR 140

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  1. Hang in there - it took me til past 60 to get the hang of the running stuff.