Wednesday, June 27, 2018

It's A Wrap

I wasn't even sweating yet when I finished Tuesday's very short, very easy lunchtime run, and that was that. Training is done. On Wednesday we're flying out to Austria, on Thursday I recover / get ready, and on Friday at 7 pm the race starts.

The weather forecast kept changing every time I looked at it, from 28 degrees in the initial long term forecast to thunderstorms and heavy rain a few days ago, and now the general consensus seems to be that there will be light rain for most of it, but Saturday's temperatures will still hits 22 degrees.

I should be used to rain,so maybe that will work in my favour. It's almost certainly more conductive for a decent performance than blistering heat. I just hope I won't be suffering from blisters and the like.

How am I feeling? To be honest, not great. Something seemed to be off the last couple of weeks, the hamstrings just don't feel right, and the HR has been much higher for any run than I would have thought it should be, and teh numbers look worse than last month, or the last few months even.

What will that mean for race day? Well, I'll give it a go anyway. I've gone into races not feeling great and still pulled out fantastic results at times plenty of times in the past, and as long as my head stays right, I will do ok. Ultra running, and especially timed races, are run with the head much more than the legs, and that has always been a major strength of mine.

I was born not far away from the race venue. I have family living in the area. I'll have the Grimming watching over me majestically. What could possibly go wrong.
24 Jun
6 miles, 49:36, 8:16 pace, HR 137
25 Jun
4.85 miles, 39:28, 8:08 pace, HR 144
26 Jun
3.15 miles, 28:33, 9:03 pace, HR 129

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  1. Dunno which race you're doing Thomas but good luck with it. Give it your best shot...