Wednesday, January 10, 2018


It's 10 days into January already? Did I blink and miss half of it?

They say if time flies you're obviously having fun. They also say it's a sign of getting old, and since both apply to me I should not be surprised, I guess.

My HR had been elevated for a few days after New Year's Day. My running HR was slightly elevated but my resting HR was far more affected, at least 10 beats higher than normal. I blame that on my brother-in-law who dragged himself and his family to the big family gathering at New Year's Day despite them all complaining about being sick, with the result that half the clan subsequently suffered from some nasty virus. Thanks, Michael! I strongly suspect the higher HR readings were from the time when my body was fighting off the same infection but it seems to have succeeded, I never got sick and by Sunday I noticed the resting HR gradually starting to come down again. By Wednesday morning it was back to 38, which is just about as low as it gets (I won't say "good" because a low HR isn't necessarily a sign of top fitness).

Anyway, introducing some speedwork hasn't borne fruit just yet. My normal runs have gotten significantly slower, which makes sense as the legs are bound to be tired after workouts and I automatically respond by running slower. My legs aren't used to running fast, so I'll definitely need to give them a bit of time.

I ran 20 miles on Sunday, which I expected to be just another long run but the legs had other ideas. They never felt great but were somewhat okay for the first 15 miles. However, the route I chose had some tailwind for the first half, which I didn't even notice, which meant a 10 mile fight against the wind to get back home. After 15 miles it started telling and the last few miles were a bit of a struggle. After that run I was pretty much wiped out and just vegged away on the sofa for the rest of the day. Ah the luxuries of the rest of the family being on the other end of the country!

Having to fit running into real life is bound to lead to compromises at times, and the only time I could squeeze my next workout into my schedule was on Monday, which is not ideal the day after a tiring long run. I did a few hill sprints, which doesn't tire me out as much as other workouts. The body seems to be handling those better as well, though if that translates into better running performance in general is yet to be revealed.
6 Jan
10.6 miles, 1:23:44, 7:53 pace, HR 145
7 Jan
20 miles, 2:43:46, 8:11 pace, HR 140
8 Jan
7.5 miles, 1:08:52, 9:10 pace, HR 130
   incl 9 x 10 sec hill sprints, 2 mins walk/jog recovery
9 Jan
10 miles, 1:23:19, 8:19 pace, HR 138
10 Jan
9.75 miles, 1:19:33, 8:09 pace, HR 138


  1. Interested in your take on the Kelly Agnew DQs.

    1. I never competed against him, so I can't really give any insightful comments. However, I will never understand why anyone would want to cheat in races - how could you take any pride in a performance you didn't actually achieve?

      Also, a better race course layout avoids that kind of cheating. Toilets should always be placed away from the start/finish line specifically to avoid that kind of cheating he did at ATY. Race organisers have to ensure that runners can only cross the line after completing a genuine lap.

      Also, someone who cheats repeatedly at such races will eventually be caught. It is inevitable.