Thursday, May 11, 2017


After turning my life upside down with my move to Dublin, it will take time to settle into a new routine and work out things until everything is running smoothly again. As stated in my last post, I initially struggled to keep my training going, between the unfamiliar roads and the heavy traffic and my reduced time due to the unexpectedly long commute, but I'm starting to figure things out.

After spending yet another 90 minutes on the commute back home on Monday evening (and then being too tired for an evening run) I decided to make some immediate changes. On Tuesday morning I packed everything I needed into a backpack and ran to work instead. This had some immediate benefits: no more frustration while waiting for the bus and being stuck in traffic, and I didn't have to get up at 5:30 in order to run before work any more. That immediately gave me over 2 extra hours of my day: a total win!

It's not all entirely straightforward. My backpack is basically unsuited to running (it's not a running backpack), it's way too big and it bounces like mad due to the lack of chest straps. It really does put me off my stride, I feel uncoordinated and my HR is all over the place. Not ideal. I actually do own a running backpack but that's in Kerry at the moment. However, for next week I'm planning on bringing one week's worth of clothing into work on Monday, so I only have to use the backpack on Monday morning and Friday evening and can run unencumbered for the rest of time.

It's 5.5 miles from home to work, which gives me 11 miles a day, which is plenty. However, running no more than 5.5 miles in one go won't do in preparation for a 24 hours race, so on Wednesday morning I set off earlier, dropped the backpack off at work and immediately set off again to the nearest park for another 5.5 miles, this time unencumbered, which felt a lot nicer. I still didn't quite get as many miles as planned because everything took a bit longer than estimated - I will figure it out eventually.

The last couple of weeks I have been troubled by some niggles in my right Achilles and knee. Undoubtedly those two issues are closely related. The Achilles seemed to calm down by the weekend only for the knee to act up again. It's on the inside of the leg, about 2 inches below the knee cap. When I googled it I came across "pes anserine bursitis" a lot, which sounded a bit scary, especially with the long recommended rest - the Belfast race would be over by the time I'm back running. Fortunately things have improved again this week and while I can still feel "something" in both areas, it's more a bit of stiffness than proper pain, and definitely getting better. My worry is that driving home will aggravate it again, as prolonged periods of sitting down seems to particularly bad - I'll have to wait and see.

Oh, and congratulations to Kathryn Shaw for winning the free copy of the book I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. It's on its way.
8 May
9 miles, 1:13:35, 8:10 pace, HR 141
9 May
am: 5.5 miles, 42:27, 7:43 pace, HR 149
pm: 5.5 miles, 45:45, 8:19 pace, HR 146
10 May
am: 11 miles, 1:26:31, 7:51 pace, HR 148
pm: 5.5 miles, 44:20, 8:03 pace, HR 148

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  1. Hey Thomas, only realized you’d moved into the general area. Yep, easiest way to commute around Dublin is cycling and running. That’s my way to get into the city also. Might catch up with you some day along by Sandymount.