Sunday, October 23, 2016

They Can't All Go To Plan

My final result was 189 km. I felt absolutely exhausted after 3 hours and knew then it was going to be a brutal fight all the way to the end. Then I got hit by cramps and the only way to treat them was to have a massage every 4 laps. I must have spent about 2 hours with the physio, in which case 189 k was the absolute max.

I need to do some soul searching now. I think I need a complete rest from running for a while.

189.045k / 63rd place


  1. Oh no. Sorry to hear this Thomas. Yes, have a good break - maybe 3 or 4 weeks off. Looking forward to your full report.

  2. Sorry to hear things didn't go well. Exhausted after 3 hours @ 24hr pace suggests you were unwell. Pretty extraordinary that you managed 189km given the circumstances, huge effort.

  3. Well done.

    It takes me months to recover from an event half this size - mainly mentally but more so physically as I get older. I either have to slow down to complete more events or make peace with my abilities.